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    How much should I pay my friend to photograph my wedding if he is insisting on not charging me?

    We are in a band together and he took our engagement photos for free and i know he would do our wedding photos for free too but he deserves compensation for his art.

    6 Answers10 hours ago
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    I told my daughter to do her own makeup because we don’t have $75 for her to pay a stylist and my daughter in law is demanding a stylist ?

    My daughter has already spent an excessive amount of money buying her own makeup so it’s silly to have the artist do it and a waste of money. She’s good at doing makeup so we feel like she can do a good job but my sons fiancé is requiring her get it professionally done We’ve already spent so much money on this wedding plus they have a destination wedding in Greece we are going broke trying to pay for this wedding my son’s daughter is high maintenance 

    13 Answers4 days ago
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    Do I have the right to invite myself to my cousins wedding?

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    Absolutely not.  People tend to very careful who they invite to their wedding, especially during the pandemic.  Besides, they would have to pick up your tab for the reception, which can be costly.  It would only be OK if your mom's invitation said that she could bring a guest.

    4 Answers12 hours ago
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    Proof of Vaccination to Attend Engagement Party?

    My sister and her fiancé are having an engagement party next month and have decided to request proof of vaccination before guests are allowed in the outdoor venue.  Some of their friends and relatives are not happy about it. What do you think?  Is it unreasonable?

    17 Answers6 days ago
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    My girlfriend wants a pearl engagement ring. Is this a good idea?

    She's very budget friendly so she really doesn't care about diamonds or anything like that. She also prefers non traditional styles over something like a diamond solitaire. She said so herself that she finds them "plain, boring, and overly expensive for such a small stone."

    I have to say, I agree with her on all of those points. Her birthday is in June and especially because of COVID, we are going to do a super inexpensive elopement on the beach, and she is absolutely floored by this idea because of her love for the ocean. I figured this is why a pearl would be perfect and  I could easily get her a giant sized pearl with a great color for less than $1000.

    Anyone have any experience with pearl engagement rings? Do you really need to maintain them every few years or is that just something the diamond industry tries to tell you? We also have friends whom have had opal rings that have stood the test of time for at least 5 years now. They still look just as good as the day they bought them, so I was wondering if pearls fall under that category, too?

    She is also not opposed to other gems such as moissanite (she finds them more interesting than diamonds because they come from space, so I know she'd prefer that over a lab diamond too), but I still want to incorporate pearl as part of her engagement. Maybe as a pendant instead of a ring? Advice is well appreciated. 

    7 Answers4 days ago
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    Can anyone help ?

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    The card is enough.  

    Gifts are optional even if you do attend, if you want to give a gift you also have up to 1 year after the wedding to give a gift.

    I have a lot of aunts/uncles and some I barely know, I might see them once or twice a year on a good year and I really wouldn't expect a gift from them.

    When one of my cousins got married in another state (he's from here) years ago, I had originally planned to attend but then I lost my job from down sizing and ended up not going.  Once I was back up and working, I sent a gift with a card and later took them to dinner when they came to visit.

    Another cousin just got married this weekend.  Due to covid her wedding was rescheduled 4 times.  I origially RSVP'd yes but ended up not being able to attend as my mom is recovering from covid complications and I take care of her.  So I sent her a card with a gift, but I'm in a position I can afford the gift.

    No gift should be given if you can't afford it, you need to take care of you first.

    6 Answers5 days ago
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    Why am I always let down!?

    Ok so before I start please I don’t want any negative comments. I’m not going into detail as there’s too much too say but My childhood friend we both went to primary and secondary school she was a bridesmaid at my wedding. 8 months after my wedding my husband left me for another women, a year down the line me an my mate in question had a big falling out and now i find out she’s friends with my ex’s gf. Why even though we’re not talking do I feel betrayed. 

    10 Answers1 week ago
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    Wouldn’t your feelings be hurt? ?

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    Your husband is a bigger idiot than the spitefull witch.

    HE NEEDS to be a man and set her straight or boycott this wedding and ALL events that exclude you.


    I would not allow her to gaslight me even one mor e time. She knows she is upsetting you while getting perverse pleasure out of it.

    Your husband is a wussy! Sorry!

    You are a saint to put up with herBullshit for 20 years. And, your husband is betraying You, all the while.

    Have him read this. He needs a WAKE - UP Call!

     By the way. All of my siblings and our parents (all 7 of us) can't stand our brother's wife. But at least we don't treat her like yesterday's trash and she is always included in family events. And yes, she wears the pants in our brother's house.

    16 Answers2 weeks ago
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    Isn't it stupid of couples to cram cake in each other's faces?

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    As a wedding guest, I find it embarrassing. In cases where it is obvious that one of the people involved is surprised and displeased by the other's action, it is enormously embarrassing. 

    9 Answers2 weeks ago
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    Does my sister have a right to be upset?

    I'm getting married in October and have already chosen my bridesmaids. To my suprising my sister came to me and said she was upset I didn't pick her to be one. We are 9 years apart and I would rather have my friends and sisters in law by my side. I honestly didn't think my sister would make a fuss about it. Does she have the right to be upset and how do I help her understand it's my wedding and I get to choose the bridesmaids I wanted?

    23 Answers2 weeks ago
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    Why does my friend want my maid of honor to look bad?

    My friend is one of my Bridemaids. She got married last year and I was also a Bridesmaid at her wedding. I created a bridesmaid chat and added my bridal party. Two days later she says: " Can you believe the maid of honor hasn't reached out about the bachelorette!?". I was a bit confused because I had just created the chat and the wedding it's still 5 months away. I said that it is still early and also I didn't mind planning it myself. A few days later, she asked me what hairstyle I want the Bridemaids to have. I said that I wasn't picking any hairstyle and that she could do whatever she wanted on her hair. She said: " the maid of honor suppose to help you decide that". I was confused because deciding on a hairstyle is not a task that requires someone's else help. I met with my maid of honor today and I was helping out with the bridal shower. I know that the etiquette is " maid of honor is responsible" but again she isn't a millionaire nor the bridesmaids. I want to help with anything I can. Maid of honor sent a message in the chat about it, and my friend messaged me privately: " What is your maid of honor thinking? Bridal showers suppose to be a surprise!" She is right but instead of messaging me, I think she should have messaged the maid of honor and bring it up to her not me. It sounded that she wanted the maid of honor to look dumb or something. Am I overthinking this? Why does it sound like she wants my maid of honor to look bad? 

    19 Answers2 weeks ago
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    Help! How can we accommodate our guests after the ceremony if a restaurant can't accommodate us?

    My fiancé and I are getting married in 3 weeks. We will have 8 guests: both our parents & grandparents. My side of the family (plus my fiancé and I) will be traveling 4 hours to the venue the night before and my fiancé's side will be traveling 2 hours to the venue the morning of the ceremony. Our ceremony is at 1pm followed by a champagne toast with cake which we will enjoy on the deck of the venue (and photos). Unfortunately the venue's restaurant is closed that day (we're getting married mid-week) so I asked the venue's manager for recommendations in the area. She provided plenty and I've contacted all of them to reserve a table for 10 but every single restaurant has said their max seating capacity is up to 6 and they won't be able to accommodate us! I'm not sure what to do now so I need to get a little creative. Any ideas on how my fiancé and I can accommodate our guests? Everyone will be driving back home once everything is over (except for us-we're staying at the Inn for the remainder of the week). Is the champagne and cake after the ceremony enough or is it rude to not have actual food for them? The event will be from 1-2:30pm (including professional photos from our photographer). Thank you for your help!!

    18 Answers2 weeks ago
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    Why should I help plan my former stepdaughter's wedding? ?

    Favorite Answer:

    Send her husband a sympathy card.

    8 Answers2 weeks ago
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    Is this the most unusual wedding ever?

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    It sounds unique.  And if that is what they wanted to do they good for them.

    7 Answers2 weeks ago
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    when are you officially 'man and wife' (aka married) ?

    is it when you get down on one knee and propose to the woman if she will be your wife and marry you, and she says yes, and then you slip on that ring on her finger ?

    or is it when you go through your traditional wedding ceremony at your place of worship and whoever it may be (the priest, bishop, mullah, pandit, rabbi etc ) pronounces you as 'man and wife' ?

    12 Answers2 weeks ago
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    Dance Floor with Tables on Either Side - Difficult to Mingle?

    Hi everyone! We're currently in the process of deciding on our wedding venue and have narrowed it down to a top 3 (out of 15 total). The one my fiancé and I leaning towards has a somewhat long/narrow ballroom. It's plenty big to fit all of our guests (we're thinking around 100 guests total), but the dance floor would be placed in the center of the ballroom with banquet tables on either side. 

    Does anyone think it would be problematic to have guests separated across the dance floor? My mother is concerned it'll be difficult to mingle with guests on the other side of the ballroom without having to cross the dance floor, which may be hard to cross if there is a good amount of people dancing. 

    There will be room for a pathway to the other side of the ballroom next to the dance floor, about the width of a hallway - but is that enough space for guests to feel like they can easily mingle with guests on the other side? I can see how a large square ballroom with a dance floor in the front and banquet tables around it in a U-shape would likely be more ideal because it would be easier for guests to mingle. 

    Probably a silly concern, but I'm curious what everyone else thinks on this! I'm curious if others think this is big enough deal to possibly select a different venue over!

    9 Answers2 weeks ago
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    Wedding rings for men?

    Do women buy the man's wedding ring? I know the man obviously buys the engagement / wedding ring for his wife but how about the other way around?

    10 Answers3 weeks ago
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    Attachment image

    I need ideas/suggestions for wedding decor?

    So I’ll attach a picture of what I’m trying to do with my reception tables. I’ve been having a hard time figuring out how/where to get the small pieces of vine for the tables. I was looking online at fake greenery but I don’t know if the fake vines would look nice.  Any suggestions on where to get something like this?? Thanks 

    7 Answers3 weeks ago