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Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender


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    Trans people: how and when did you realize you were Trans? ?

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    Before age five.  You describe a transsexual who is trying their best to conform to societies expectations of them, rather than just being true to your self.  The majority of us had no other choice than what has been your experience.

    12 Answers3 days ago
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    People who support transgender people should put TransAlly instead of She her or He Him do you agree?

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    The assumption that someone who is only trans is able to be spoken to or about with pronouns is explicitly treating trans-people as different..

    Thus the very reason for your proposal, ignoring the problems with the proposal itself, underscores strong notes of transphobia.

    8 Answers2 days ago
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    Transgender vs misogyny ?

    I’m not trans but I have a lot of friends who are and ngl I support them in every way I can bc they’re my friends but I don’t UNDERSTAND like at all. It sounds like most of them are suffering from internalized misogyny and just backlash from gender roles. Like when I tried to google it it was like “feeling discomfort with the roles put on you at birth” which literally everyone hates gender roles, they make everyone uncomfortable, that’s why we’re fighting those. If we didn’t have gender roles, would we even have trans people? I understand more if someone feels uncomfortable with their body and then actually goes and changes it (non-binary would be tough tho). Wouldn’t the increase in transgender people create and make the gender roles worse? 

    7 Answers1 day ago
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    If "gender" is a societal concept (which is a fancy way of saying bullschit), then why do we play along with the SUPREME bullschit of ?

    crossdressing dudes in a skirt who base their entire existence off of the impersonation of societal concepts that are stereotypes apparently, because they're concepts made up by society? Can anyone who is a part of the demented alphabet tell me? 

    5 Answers3 hours ago
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    would it be appropriate to say that the gender identities are "male", "female" and "non-binary"?

    Would that encompass everything? My understanding is that if you are female, you could be either cis or trans.  Same thing for male.  And everything else would be "non-binary".  Is that OK?

    14 Answers4 days ago
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    At what age can I tell if my son is gay? He’s 10... and is very close to a boy. This isn’t the first boy he’s been close too. ?

    My 10 year old son once had a friend who he got real close too and kissed! He was like 7 though so I shrugged it off. He’s now 10, almost 11 and has moved schools as we

    Moved house and he’s been growing increasingly close to a boy over the 3 years since we moved here. He’s never liked any girls. Where as my daughter who is his twin has had quite a few “boyfriends” she calls them over the years. At what age will I know if my son is gay? I don’t mind if he is of course, nothing wrong with gay, I’m just very curious. If you are gay, at what age did you realise? 

    5 Answers5 hours ago
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    Why are u gay?

    17 Answers5 days ago
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    As a crossdresser?

    Can I go into shops that sell women's clothes.

    Ask to try them on and if they fit buy them.

    Or would I get arrested or thrown out of the shop

    6 Answers1 day ago
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    I've been having homosexual dreams latterly however I consider my self as being straight and don't find males attractive, how should I feel ?

    last couple of weeks I have had a constant dream of having anal sex with a male (and enjoying it ;))  I would consider potentially trailing this out to see if I enjoy this in real life situation. any advice would be apricated as I am scared if I tell my parents or friends I might die.   

    5 Answers20 hours ago
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    Lesbians are women who only love other women, we do not desire men.

    6 Answers2 days ago
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    How do I fix things with my husband? It it my fault?

    So my husband and I share a laptop at home. I wanted to really spice up our relationship so I decided to browse his search history with porn. I found out he's really into lesbian and bisexual porn. Two guys one girl or even two women and one guy. 

    Now I'm not usually "kinky" however the thought really turned me on. So I suggested we have a threesome with one of his male friends or even get another woman involved. 

    He got very livid with me. No I did not mention I went through his search history I casually bought it up but he seemed very offended and now he's not speaking with me.

    How can I help calm him down? Sex is a touchy subject but I want us to talk about it

    5 Answers1 day ago
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    Why don't Republicans seem to know nothing about Transgender/Transsexual yet seem absolutely obsessed with the topic?

    I've had the displeasure of living through eight Presidents including living through the AIDS crisis that Ronald Reagan ignored and I don't worry if the man in the next stall was formally a women or visa versa because that has no bearing on me.

    Per the internationally recognized WPATH Standards of Care, nobody can get surgery until they are 18. Hormone replacement therapy can't start until 16. Puberty blockers can't start until at least 12. The whole process is regimented and medically monitored, but social conservatives want you to believe otherwise.

    Studies have proven that those that went through HRT have the same ability as a natural born gender.

    If you're fixated on 'the swinging' in the shower in front of the girls that speaks volumes more about you then it does Trans individuals and I think the FBI should be knocking on your door much like its currently busting in the door of Matt Gaetz.

    I really wish you would all get your information from credible sources and shut off fake news, misinformation and blatant yellow journalism like Ben Shapiro, Blaire White, David Cullen and Steven Crowder.  Hopefully went Yahoo! Answers shut down on April 20th, you can all crawl out of your parents basements into the real world.

    23 Answers6 days ago
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    Should I trust the Koran over the Bible on questions of male homosexuality?

    Favorite Answer:

    The Koran is corrupt. Mohammed was a false prophet and a child rapist. 

    7 Answers3 days ago
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    Is my son attractive?

    My son is very handsome when he was young but he doesn't get many girls, I think he is gay. What do you think Yahoo?

    5 Answers1 day ago