should a francophone embrace national identity? 10 points!?

Give refrences where possible, and please answer in detail if they should embrace canadian national identity or if they shouldnt, please give strong points to why or why not and tell me you refrence:)

thankk you


i would like to say that i am not asking you to do my homework, this is not my homework, this is only some points i like so it would HELP with my homework, some points i need to begin but can not find the information on google, and my teacher will not help me as she is an idiot, also this is not in my textbook, i read 200 pages to figure that out, tis is my last attempt please help i need it

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    Sorry, we don't simply do your homework for you.

    Show us your thesis statement, and perhaps what you have for an outline. Tell us where you're stuck, or where you need a couple more ideas. For instance, how do you plan to address the basic concept of being Canadian before being Quebecois? Which roots *should* be deeper? What leads you to your basic theme?

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