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Re-post: Tampon help??

Am I supposed to insert the plastic tubing all the way into my vagina and then push the end so the tampon goes in? I got the whole tampon (including plastic applicator) in halfway and then pushed, but I don't feel it's in all the way. The tail end is really long and I can see the end of the tampon right at my opening...I'm a first time user :( Please help? I only got one answer when I last posted this, I'm still wearing the tampon and it feels...odd.


Thanks guys :) I'll try and try again!

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    Take it out. If a tampon ever feels funny, take it out and try again. A tampon should never feel odd or hurt when it's inside of you. You basically shouldn't feel it at all. So take it out, and insert a new one.

    When you're inserting a tampon, try to relax your muscles down there, as that will allow for easier insertion. Put your foot up on a toilet seat, counter, or even sit down on the toilet with your legs spread apart.

    Put your pointer finger on the end of the tampon (where the string is), and your thumb and middle finger on the grooved part of the tampon. You're going to push the cotton tampon out of the barrel, upwards towards your lower back, so it goes into you.

    The applicator does go inside of you, and when you push on the end of the tampon, the cotton is released into your vagina, and you pull out the plastic applicator.

    The only part of the tampon that you should see is the string. Again, if the tampon feels weird, or not in all of the way, you can always push the tampon in more with your finger or take it out and try again.

    This is the main reason why a tampon would be uncomfortable; is that it's not far enough in. Don't worry about it getting "lost" inside of you, or pushing it too far in, because you can't. It's impossible. :)

    You'll get the hang of it. It might take a couple tampons to get it, but as soon as you do get it, they're really comfortable, convenient, and way better than pads.

    Hope that helps!

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    That's okay hun - It's just not in far enough :)

    Once you've inserted it with the applicator... just squat down and use your finger to push it in a bit further. There is no way for it to go 'too far in' - so don't be worried about it getting lost in there - it is impossible - it's just a small passage - so just push it in as far as it will go comfortably :o) The string should hang out of your vagaina - but you shouldn't really even be able to feel the tampon when standing. If you can - it's not in far enough.

    An option for you may be to get rid of the applicator till you know how the tampon itself is meant to feel - I find applicators awkward to use and have had my period for over 10 years! Maybe just push the tampon itself up with your fingers - can be easier because you can feel when the tampon can't go any further (just remember to pull the sting loose before inserting it. If the tampon isn't from an applicator - it will be squished at the base of the tampon from being wrapped up!)

    Good luck - it takes a bit of practice but you'll get it fine :o)

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    If the directions that came with the tampon are confusing then: 1) Hold the plastic applicator with two fingers at the bottom. Use your middle finger & thumb. 2) Insert it in the vagina until those fingers are touching the outside of your vagina. 3)Push the "plunger" in while still holding with those two fingers, so now the plunger is in the applicator. Your tampon is inside. 4)Pull out the plastic applicator. You should have atleast 2 inch of string hanging down.

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    oh well you did it completely wrong. you should push the entire plastic applicator into your vagina until you feel your fingers and then push the tampon in. it should not be hanging out at all. it should hurt if that is what is happening. you need to take it out and try again.

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    tampons can be tricky until you get used to them. i sugest that you stand with one foot on the toilet. then ease the tampon in towards your lower back. then push the plunger in all the way. it will feel like it isnt in all the way the first time you use them.. but once you start bleeding and the blood gets on the tampon you wont feel it anymore. just hang in there and keep on trying to get it. they are a life saver

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    Ok Dear....

    The tampon is divided in 2... the thickest part which is the part should go in.. the part that pushes SHOULD NOT go inside... if you feel the tampon strange inside there, then change to another one.. if that other one feels strange because u feel it too close to ur opening... then with the help of ur finger push it just a LITTLE bit more inside... Do not be scared :)

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