Dracaena marginata - leaves turned yellow and brown are really dry with broken or wilting tips? Help?

My boyfriend recently bought a Dracaena marginata plant. We were still trying to adjust to where the best place to the plant would be in my home (to provide it with the right level of light), as well as the better levels to water it when we got terribly cold weather. My house tends to get really cold during the winter and now the leaves have turned yellow and/or brown are EXTREMELY dry and brittle and the tips of the leaves are kind of bent or are wilted. As well, several of its leaves have fallen off. As we just got the plant, I'm not sure if the cause of all this was overwatering, underwatering, improper sunlight, or the cold, or a combination of everything. I have moved the plant to my office, where it is both warmer and it gets better indirect light. I'm looking for any suggestions to help me coax this plant back to good health and keep it that way! Thanks!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Sounds like it's too cold and dry for your plant. Don't water it more, but increase the humidity around it. Place the plant into a tray with pebbles in it so the plant sits on top of the pebbles, then add water to cover half the pebbles' depth. This is a great trick for increasing humidity around any houseplant, especially in winter.

    It is possible you have overwatered the plant until the roots have rotted. If that's true, then not much will save it.

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