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Why did Canada remove the British Flag from their flag but Australia and New Zealand didn't?

Do Australia and New Zealand like Britain better? Is Canada ashamed of its British past or did Canada not want to offend America by being British because we used to own America as well.


A child designed the Canadian flag, oh that makes sense your old flag was way nicer as was your old anthem.

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    Well there is still a flag debate going on in Australia and to some extent New Zealand, in my opinion its only a matter of time until Australia gets a new flag. Canada wasn`t ashamed we just wanted a flag that was distinctly Canadian, and that`s what we got, go anywhere in the world Canada`s flag is easily recognisable and isn`t mistaken for another country very often, now do that with Australia`s flag the same can`t be said.

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    A group decided Canada should have an official flag. We had been using the "Red Ensign," which is actually a Merchant Navy flag. It was never the official flag of Canada.

    A committee worked on the design. I know one of the men doing the work (he wrote a book about it). It was very controversial in it's day, but, if you look at the symbolism, and reasons for the design, it goes back to Canada's origins in fact.

    The Aussies, and New Zealanders have not yet designed their own, at least, not officially, although there are unofficial designs around.

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    Canada never had the Union Flag on our national flag in the first place. We used the British Union Flag right up until the day we hoisted the maple leaf flag we are so well known for. The main reason we didn't keep the Union Flag on our national flag at all is that we wanted a symbol that represented Canada and did not favour one founding peoples over another.

    And as far as your assertion that a child designed the flag, that is incorrect. The original inspiration for the current Maple Leaf flag came from the flag flown by the Commandant of the Royal Military College in Kingston. His flag had three maple leaves on a common stem and they took it to one maple leaf to have it proposed to Parliament.

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    The government of Canada never officially adopted the Red Ensign as the Canadian flag:

    Link -

    The Canadian Red Ensign derives from the Red Ensign, a Royal Navy flag that eventually became the official flag of British merchant vessels:

    Link -

    Why the hell would we want a freighter rag for our national flag? Are you mental or something?

    Our current flag is perfectly suited to Canada, regardless of your moronic trolling:

    Red & White are the official colours of Canada:

    -White represents peace and honesty.

    -Red represents hardiness, bravery, strength and valor.

    The maple leaf represents nationwide unity regardless of birthplace.

    Plus it's been a symbol of Canada since the French founded Canada in the 1500s.

    (Not surprising in a country that's 53% forest covered, the largest amount of forest on Earth.)

    As for anthems, the only official national anthem in Canada is 'Oh Canada.'

    There's never been any other.

    'God Save the Queen' is the unofficial royal anthem.

    And here's some irony:

    A British study rated 'Oh Canada' the world's 4th most "sing-alongable" national anthem.

    And that it surely is:

    Youtube thumbnail


    According to that study, Britain's rated last place:

    Link -

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    One day Australia will get its own flag. It will be purple and consist of a portrait of Crocodile Dundee flanked by a picture of Foster's Ale and a 1972 Ford Falcon. Until that day comes you can make fun of our flag.

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    Because they're not British. simple as that. They're Canadians and they're proud of it Same story with Americans. They're a sovereign state. Just because you used to control them doesn't mean you do anymore. The UK has no control over its former colonies anymore. The whole Queen being head of State is just a formal thing.

    As to why Australia and NZ haven't adopted new flags IDK.. There has been significant talk about changing the flag in those two countries but I doubt it will happen anytime soon.

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    'God save the queen' hasn't been sung in schools in decades. Children stand as the Canadian national anthem is played in the mornings in our schools.

    We aren't ashamed of our 'British' past, most of us really couldn't give a rat's @ss.....

    To say our 'old flag' and 'old anthem' is better is laughable at best....Canadians care about Canada and give little to no thought to the UK or the role Britain has played in the history of our country.

    We threw off the yoke of the stuffy old British class society decades ago., but still enjoy the benefits of being in the commonwealth...clever aren't we?

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    Canada flies both the British Flag and the Canadian Flag. We simply wanted our own flag and they held a contest among school children to design one. One was chosen and we now use it.

    We also have our own National Anthem and still sing God Save the Queen in school.

    We have the Queens representative which is called the Governor General. We are not ashamed of our British connection we simply wanted to have our own flag. The US has absolutely nothing to do with that decision.

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    Because Canada's independent and Australia and New zealand are still part of britain.

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    Umm...."unknown friend" 'God save the queen' has not been sung in classrooms for close to half a century......and thank God for that! Now if only Canada could come out of the dark ages and elect its own Head of State.

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