what kind of job can you get at the age of 15?

i need to know what kind of job can teens get at 15

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    You can be a babysitter, offer to help people with their houshold chores, cut lawns, plow snow, walk dogs, etc...

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    I got a job as a busboy at a local restaurant. It isn't difficult or strenuous(sp?). Depending on the restauraunt, you will either get paid an hourly wage or a percentage of the tips. I got 10% of all of the tips collected each night that I worked. It was a great job for a high school kid. I did half of the work of the waiters/waitresses and made about 80% of what they did. You might want to look into this. A good place to start for any job is to go to business owners who are personal or family friends. I have gotten two amazing jobs working for my friend's parents.

    Another good option would be babysitting. My girlfriend works for a babysitting service in Atlanta. She gets $10 per hour, plus an additional $1 per hour per child. I would recommend that you also go with a babysitting service rather than just free lancing because you will have a steadier stream of work.

    I hope this helps you. Good luck.

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    Ya alot of jobs for camp counsler usually demands an grownup yet you may constantly get yet another interest in a distinctive field like getting a activity with a grogery save,human beings could consume so which you will constantly have a activity,no longer an entire hell of countless hours (days),yet the place ever you reside the State has a minumun salary.(volume of money being made in a million hour time.)there is even jobs in libraries in the little ones section.yet even if you desperate good success and have a extreme-high quality Day/night!!!!bye!!!!

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