what do you do if everyone in your family turns against you and doesnt trust you.?

i want to be with someone who makes me happy and my family isnt really there for me right now and i want to get away from them because of how they treat me.what should i do.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Your family will be there for you long after the person that is currently making you happy hits the trail.

    Listen to your family members. They are trying to protect you, in their own way, from the mistake that you are making!

    Believe me, they are seeing something WRONG with the relationship. Your hindsight is 20/20 and you will eventually see what they are seeing.

    Stay at HOME!!!!

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    i would stop talking and explaining to them , cos they won't listen , but instead do think that you realy are let show them that you are not what everyone think you are

    praying is good think cos no matter how manny people are not on your side, but remember God always on your side and in this time you need strength more than ever, and you will never be alone, God will always with you

    when i was going to another country to get marry some of the family don;t like like and they tell me what is gonna hapened if i do that , i will be alone and nobody can help me if i am in trouble

    but i turn to God and do what my heart say and now i have my family bless and alot of new family and friend , GOD is GOOD , GOD is LOVE , GOD in all you need

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    get involved with Jesus he,ll give you a whole new family and a whole new life,He,s the way the truth and the life.john14:6

    The bible what a book.

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