Is this possible? Birth Controlling without Birth Control?

I started dating a girl. We are sexually active. I asked if she was on birth control. While she said yes, as it turns out, all she does is calculates the number of days after her period to ovulation and avoids sex on those days. Otherwise she has sex without protection. Evidentally she has used this method for 10 years, since she was 18 and it has not failed her. I have not heard of this before and naturally I am nervous. She assures me she does not want kids and I KNOW I don't. Is this method possible? I know it doesn't sound practical, but possible?


I just talked to her. We started having sex the week of April 17th after her period, and she is telling me she expects her period tomorrow. She is regular.

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    It could work for against the odds for awhile... but it is not a reliable way to prevent pregnancy. Nothing but abstinence (nope not even real birth control OR CONDOMS!) can prevent pregnancy. So you have a right to be wary! You can be fixed and still get someone pregnant!!! just so ya know.

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    It's possible, but not 100% safe. There are usually only 5 or 6 days during the month (cylcle) in which a woman can become pregnant, but there are other factors such as: sperm can stay alive inside the vagina for several days after sex, and women's cycles are not always exactly the same number of days.

    I have used this method, but to be safe, I only have unprotected sex with my girlfriend for three or four days before and after her period. Other than that I recommend protection.

    The time during the cycle in which she can become pregnant is near the halfway point between periods, so if she has a 30 day cycle, days 12 - 18 are probably the most dangerous.

    Source(s): personal experience and a human sexuality class in college.
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    This method is called the "natural family planning method" or the "rhythm method". More women use it than what you would think. This method takes a lot more patience and care than your everyday condoms and birth control pills. It is totally possible to use this method and if she has been using it for so long and has no kids then that proves it is effective, right? If you trust this girl enough to have unprotected sex with her then you should trust her enough to know she is not going to get pregnant on purpose. Do a little research on it. It's a really interesting method of birth control.

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    Yes there's natural birth control within a marriage relationship

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    Duh of course it is a possible method. It is called the natural method and is used by devote religous people such as catholics. It is not 100% effective and it is a BIG risk to take. Use a condom!! Read about the menstral cycle. Only on certain days do women ovulate therefore they can only get pregnant on certain days of each cycle. Again use a condom or get a new GF if you dont want kids now. Also you should protect against STDs.

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    Um, yah...this is called the rhythm method. Many people who have a religious belief about birth control use it (as well as some others). The people who use this method are also called "parents." I believe that you are playing russian roulette and if you both really don't want to have kids (and especially you), you should use protection (not to mention that pregnancy isn't the worst thing that could happen to you having unprotected sex).

    Source(s): Any sex ed book or a pamphlet at planned parenthood
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    There are actually many types of birth control. That is one of them. Many of these methods can be effective when used correctly. Keep in mind even the pill, shot, or patch is not always 100% effective. However, even methods such as "pulling out" can be effective, if you have the right tools: good self control, timing, experience, and also trust on you and your partner.

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    The best birth control without birth control is abstinence. There is no birth control method out there that is 100% for sure except for not having sex. Here's a suggestion. Have yourself fixed. That way you know if she does get pregnant, it's not yours.

    Source(s): From experience.
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    Its real. People use it. Worked for me for 3 years. But really you should only use it if you are not that worried about getting pregnant. Cycles can change without her knowing.

    You can have sex without ejaculating inside of her as well. This would help. But as long as you are in there - at any time - pregnancy is possible.

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    Possible, but not safe. Condoms should always be used as a birth control method.

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