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how do i upload my musics from my ipod to another computer?

I want to upload all my musics to my computer at work so I can make a play list.

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    Hate to say it, but you'll have to upload it as you did on your home computer. Apple created the feature on iPods to only allow access music from the iPod to one computer. However, you can transfer music in several ways:

    1. Do it manually, gather all your CDs again and just upload music onto your computer at work.

    2. Just hook-up your iPod to your work computer and play your music that way.

    3. Download software to rip music from your iPod to your work computer (there's some free software, just google for it).

    4. Burn Data discs of your music. In iTunes, go to Edit --> Preferences -->Advanced --> Burning and change your disc format to Date Disc. This will allow you to burn a CD (the same way you burn a music disc) of your music, but it just has the music FILES, not music like a CD. You can fit about 650 MB worth of music onto a CD.

    Hope this helps.

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    isn't there an export option under File

    i haven't tried it but i remember seeing it

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    without any hacks, you cant.

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