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Pooks asked in TravelCanadaQuebec · 1 decade ago

what's this about peole being snobbish in Quebec?

Correct me if I have the wrong info; when visiting in Quebec, people like for you to speak French moreso than English; also is Toronto a good place to visit ?

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    I accompany 40-50 8th graders to Quebec City every year and have found the people pleasant. I tell the students to learn to say Bonjour, merci, je voudrais, s'il vous plait, etc. Generally these beginning students have such an american accent that the people they are dealing with switch over to English right away. Of course one should always try to learn at least the courtesy words of whatever country/area you are visiting and not assume that everyone speaks your language.

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    I think Xalotun (sp) is about right, although I don't know why French people would want to speak English to francophone Quebecers. (I do know that some Quebecers find European French accents snobby, or else just hard to understand.)

    From the point of view of an English mother tongue speaker who lived most of her life in Montreal, I'd say that the farther you are from being a local, the less likely it is that anyone will be annoyed that you don't speak French. If you live in Quebec, you should speak French. If you live elsewhere in Canada, you should speak at least a bit of French. If you're American, no reason you should speak French but starting off with "Parlez-vous anglais?" is a nice touch, and you should certainly be able to handle "bonjour" and "merci". If you're Japanese or Russian, they'll be happy with English.

    That said, anyone in the tourism industry (hotels at least) in Quebec will have decent English, and should be able to be polite. But not everyone else does speak English very well, and while it may be a choice they've made not to learn it, it isn't always snobbery if they don't speak English with you.

    Nah, don't go to Toronto.

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    There are may sociological aspects to the question and to the answer.... We could be discussing this all night.


    Generally, if "Quebecois" people see that you know french but willingly choose not to speak it, you will be frowned upon. This mostly applies to people that visibly come from french-speaking countries (France, Belgium, etc.).

    If your native tongue is English (or any other tongue, but also speak English), then they are as courteous and polite as any reasonable person in the world. English is very much in use in the Province of Quebec which is a bilingual state (and the rest of Canada, of course).

    If they see you do not know much french but are trying nonetheless, then you'll score major brownie points!

    Source(s): I live in Montreal, Quebec since 1984 (I originally come from France).
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    yes they do and its only right they were french before they become a english colony

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