Why do men and women have separate entrances to enter a Mosque? Do they have to sit separately also?

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    1 decade ago
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    your focus is on praying to God. not watching a female bendin- over infront of you.

    and yes. stranger men and women cannot touch each other (thru the skin) during prayer. because if a man or a woman touched each other, then they need to re-do the wodoo (process of cleaning ur self before you start praying).

    • Mammash5 years agoReport

      This does not answer the question. No one said anything about bending over...Why must women enter the building from the side? Why can't they walk in the door with their husband and families?

  • 1 decade ago

    men and women have separate entrances and they do sit separately in a mosque. women either sit at a higher level or in a special area behind that where gentlemen say their prayers. usually there is a paravan to separate the two areas if they are on the same floor. this is basically done to protect women, a woman might not feel very happy or comfortable to kneel down and bow (during prayers) with a man exactly behind her. perhapse you can get a clearer image if you visited your local islamic centre or mosque where you could get an idea about how muslims say their prayers. good Luck :)

  • zxcpoi
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    1 decade ago

    Yes, men are at the front and women are at the back. Some people wonder why are the two genders are not mixed in Islam and have a miss understanding about it. The two genders (men and women) are naturally attracted to each other. This attraction will lead to sexual relationships. This will weaken the society and mix up people (no body will know for sure who is his father) and this is a disaster. Add to this crimes, emotional problems, low reproduction rates, etc. This topic is too long to discuss now but you can compare two different societies take for example the Saudi and the American, you can see the difference.

    It is not like Islam is against sex or the interaction between men and women but we in Islam have some rules about this to preserve both genders. Sex can be done with marriage, and believe me it is better by all the means.

  • 1 decade ago

    As Mosque is a holy place of Muslims, where God is worshipped, so in order to avoid any notorius thoughts / bad feelings, there are seprate entrances to enter a Mosque.

    In the case, women have to sit separately, but not always. And i presume you must be aware about the ongoing controversy of banning of women in Ajmer Sharif Dargah. This controversy is the result of above.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes they have to sit separately. I think the women sit on the upper tier and the men down below. This is so the men don't get distracted by the women. Islam does not see women as a threat to men and their praying, more that they know men can't help themselves! :)

  • 1 decade ago

    usually women don't pray in mosques due to reasons of 5 times pray daily and other reasons but if they go to mosque they have separate entrance and they pray behind the men in & in most moslem countries they are seperated because men are not allowed to see strange women while praying and also can not be seen by strange men (other than father,husbend,son,brother, uncle & nephew .

  • smale
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    3 years ago

    I visited a Mosque the former day. the adult males and females sit down on separate aspects of the Mosque, i believe no longer to reason a distraction to at least one yet another. As for the females no longer being equivalent, that would properly be an element of it. i'm no longer Muslim so i'm no longer particular. i am going to say that I felt like a Queen from the instantaneous I parked my motor vehicle. A brother became outside for the only purpose of escorting the females into the progression. after I left yet another brother on the instantaneous took on the duty of escorting me to my motor vehicle...beginning and shutting doorways the completed 9 yards. I easily have in no way encountered a Muslim brother who did not deal with me with the utmost appreciate. for my section they're adult males who extremely believe that is their pastime to provide and shelter, no longer only for his or her females, yet their community. the way I see it, if a guy is on his J O B, i do not pick or perhaps pick to be "equivalent". i'd be happy to be a help meet to him.

  • Noris
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    1 decade ago

    Yep. When you go to the mosque, you are going there because you wanna pray. So, men, women and children sit separately so nothing can interupt their intention(heh, pardon my word) or motives going to the mosque. :) Or so.. ^_^

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