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companies expectation regarding pro-e engineers?

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    Pro E Wildfire is considered one of the top of the line CAD packages, and therefore CAD designers that use Pro E are considered (in my experience) on a higher level than some of the other packages such as AutoCAD or SolidWorks.

    I believe a student edition of Pro E is available for free at the ptc web site

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    In my last two engineering jobs, ProE was essential. Since the entire department was using it, from concept, to 3-D models, to drafting/drawing creation, it affected more than just the engineers.

    I personally think that if you are seeking a design related job and have the opportunity to get some ProE experience before hand, it will help in to land a job.

    Training an employee to use ProE can be very expensive and time consuming. I know that some companies list "ProE" experience as a "requirement" , although most companies ads are really showing their "ideal" candidate and will give a little if you have most of the things/skills they are looking for.

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    Companies expect you to get your PE so that they can save money in certifying documents to State and Federal levels. pE can signed and certify such documents that otherwise they will have to pay an steep fee for that signature. Also, for the same reason, PE will have a better opportunity to get a job than non PE

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