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how can a young single female move to venezuela?

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  • 2 decades ago
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    why do you want to do that? don't you know that the country is in turmoil? and that Hugo Chavez has the country turned for the worse since he took over? Do you know he is a communist?

    Take it from someone who'se half sisters are from Venezuela. Don't move there unless you know what you are getting into and still want to move there.

    Venezuela is a big country, but the entire country is in shams because of Hugo Chavez.

    There are beautiful beaches and very rural areas too, but you'd probably live in the city and last i heard most Venezuelans that had a common sense and brains didnt like what was happenng there nor their President. The country is no longer a free country in case you didnt know this.

    People are thinking of leaving Venezuela and you are thinking of going thre. Ironic.

    My advice to you , is find out before you go there why in the world you felt attracted right now for Venezuela. If its a guy you feel for, concentrate on helping the guy better by leaving that country and not stay in it. Or consider your options without going to that country.

    It's a mess and I would not recommend for a young single female to venture into war torn Venezuela. Not one single recomendation.

    Find a different country for now, if you can, that is not Venezuela, Colombia, Bolivia. Those countries are in turmoil and in a communist pact if you read about their leaders now.

    Take it from an Ambassador from Venezuela....dont even ask for the visa!

    Choose another country pls.

    Last I heard my half sister who is married to an Ambassador from Venezuela had seen her best friend killed by Chavez's military who took him out of a restaurant (for protesting against Chavez) and didnt get killed like others, but was thrown out of Venezuela. After torture.

    do you want to venture in after this I 'have said?

    If you are an American young single woman, you really do not know the ways of the world in countries like Venezuela today. Pls dont ask for trouble. STay out of it.

    That's advice for your own good. Witht he best of my abilities and knowledge thorugh seeing what my half sisters in venezuela go through.

  • 2 decades ago

    Why the hell would you want to move to Venezuela? I'm Venezuelan, born and raised and I can tell you there is not much there. Cool nightlife in Caracas and sweet beaches but not much else.

    If you wanted to you just need to contact the nearest consulate or embassy. Or marry a Venezuelan guy.

  • Anonymous
    2 decades ago

    I heard that there is even talk of the U.S invading Venezuela. As somene who knows American ways, you REALLY don't wanna be there if sh!t hits the fan!

  • 2 decades ago

    fly or drive

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