moving into canada?

where are the cheapest housing in quebec, not to live in ghettos or so, but where it is not that expensive, because we might move there, and we can speak french too.

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    if you can speak french you gonna find someting not to expensive in les "cantons de l'est" i mean a place were you can find a job (lol) no seriously "les cantons de l'est" it's a pretty nice place for a small family qui n'ont pas beaucoup d'argent à investir dans un bungalow, tu peux trouver quelques chose de très bien pour environ 95,000 $ Can. Surtout a Magog, je connais des gens qui ont achetés une maison très bien pour cette somme and if they buy it near Montreal they paid that house for 175,00$ Can. Stukeley Sud it's a nice place too, it's near Granby who you can have a good job. But if you really want live in Quebec just go see in yahoo service for buy a house. An other place who is not expensive it's in the "Beauce area". Là a cet endroit j'ai connu un jeune couple avec 2 enfants n'ayant vraiment pas d'argent ils ont pu obtenir une très belle maison pour 50,000 $ Can. La Banque leur a fait une hypothèque malgré que ni l'un ni l'autre n'avaient un travail régulier St-Prospère dans la Beauce. Voilà les informations que je peux te donner...Bienvenue au Québec.

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    Montreal is generally a very good place to start. When I lived there, apartment housing was very reasonable. There is a huge multicultural community which makes it an exciting place to be. There are always cultural events happening: music, theatre, art.

    I lived there for a year, and spoke fluent french, but never had to use it (unless stopped by a police officer... then it helps)

    Welcome to Canada, and good luck!

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  • Lyvy
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    I live in St-Hubert which is near Montreal in Quebec. Houses are about $180,000 CND and it's a great environment. Close to everything you can think of.

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    1 decade ago

    I dont know but love visiting Montreal VIVA Quebec

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