I would like to know if any one knows the SWOT ANALYSIS of Bridgestone corporation?

I have an assignment to share SWOT (Strenghs, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) of BRIDGESTONE tire manufacturing company in Japan. Please let me know if you have SWOT analysis on Bridgestone Corporation, Japan

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Follow these links to the investor relations section of the "bridgestone corporation Japan" website and download their latest annual report. You should be able to build your own SWOT analysis from the directors report, risk analyses, etc.

    If you're willing to pay for the information, a yahoo search for "bridgestone corporation" + SWOT will bring up loads of links to market/ industry research analyses available for sale.

    Source(s): Bridgestone Corp jp corporate information: http://www.bridgestone.co.jp/english/info/ Bridgestone Corp pdf annual report 2005: http://www.bridgestone.co.jp/english/ir/library/an...
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