is there a different soccer cup every year?

hey guys im new to soccer.. and i know that the FIFA world cup is every 4 years. but is there a different soccer cup to be won every year? or is it like every 4 years, 2 years, etc.

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    every year, there will be at least one major tournament being held across the world. for example, there are continential championship where teams in the same confederations contesing the tournament & the Olympics where football has been a major sporting event since 1908.

    here are some of the major tournaments held:

    EUROPE - every 4 years

    UEFA European Championship

    (started in 1960)

    ASIA - every 4 years

    AFC Asian Cup

    (started in 1956)

    AFRICA - every 2 years

    CAF African Nations Cup

    (started in 1957)


    CONCACAF Gold Cup

    (started in 1991, previously known as CCCF Championship when it began in 1941)

    SOUTH AMERICA - every 2 to 3 years

    CONMEBOL Copa America

    (started in 1910)

    OCEANIA - every 2 years

    OFC Oceania Nations Cup

    (started in 1973)

    Summer Olympics - every 4 years

    (started in 1908)

    besides the national teams, there are major tournament held for clubs, most notablely UEFA Champions' League which is held every year in Europe & it is open to all European league champions in the respective countries (under current tournament, teams finished 2nd, 3rd & 4th in certain countries may qualify).

    so after the 2006 World Cup, you can look forward to the forth coming tournaments:

    2007 AFC Asian Cup

    host nations - Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia & Vietnam

    07 July 2007 - 29 July 2007

    2008 UEFA European Championship

    host nations - Austria & Switzerland

    June - July 2008

    2007 CONMEBOL Copa America

    host nation - Venezuela

    26 June 2006 - 15 July 2006

    2008 Summer Olympics

    host nation - China PR

    August 2008

    2007 CONCACAF Gold Cup

    host nation - United States

    06 June 2007 - 24 June 2007

    2007 FIFA Club World Championship - every year

    host nation - Japan

    December 2006

    prior to these major tournament, there are qualifying matches being played to decide which team qualify for the tournament.

    in between these tournament, you can also follow some of the international friendly matches being held throughout the year. some of these matches are eager to watch. look out for friendly matches on 16 August 2006 as some European teams are in action on that day.

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    The world cup is played every 4 years, in a different country that is chosen by a committee the same away as in the Olympic Games.

    But there is another tournaments in between.

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    No its just the world cup and it takes place every 4 years.

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    no, if u mean the actual cup, its been changed a while ago, but they used it for a long time now. it a good design.

    if u mean the world cup game, then a country is selected every 4 years to host the world cup. they take votes i think. but not everyone can vote, cus that way china wil win for sure.

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    international you have the world cup which is every for years. in europe you have the euro cup which is every four years. for the europeans there is a major event every 2 years

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    you have a lot to learn the cup is the same it's just every 4 years that they play for it that's all

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    2 years b4 the world cup there is is the euro cup. the next euro will be held in 2008

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    its just the world cup but there is a euro thing. there is also barclays premiership for the english clubs. that starts in august.

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