Who thinks that Sri Aurobindo is one of the foremost thinkers of all time?

He has given us a synthesis of the East and West by "The Life Divine,"(which if you wish to read it, it is quite fun to read 1100+ pages of philosophy), he has given his own vision of unity with diversity through "The Ideal of Human Unity," and has granted one of the foremost epics of the English Language, "Savitri." Although I am of the West, he speaks with more fluidity than both Milton and Kant put together.

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    He is much more than that. Actually, he never thought. He SAW, and expressed his vision in such a way that we thinking people are able to grasp some of it. And he DID, so that things that weren't possible became possible.

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    Even you are a great thinker.

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    you r right my friend. His work on Phil is appreciable.

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