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North Korea is war inevitable now ?

Below is a copy and paste from a yahoo news link.

It seems that if the UN and USA don't just accept that N Korea is going to have nuclear missles he is ready for a show down. Will Bush back down (again) should he? Are they just trying to feed and protect themselves or is this "the thin of of the wedge the first sip of a bitter cup"?{Sir Winston Churchill}

SEOUL (Reuters) - North Korea considers sanctions against it as a declaration of war, its deputy ambassador to the United Nations was quoted as saying by South Korea's Yonhap news agency late on Friday Han Song-ryol's comments repeat Pyongyang's previous position but come as the U.N. Security Council discusses possible sanctions after the North fired seven missiles on Wednesday, including a long-range Taepodong-2, which failed.

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    NO, it can always be avoided.

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    Remember, there are Aegis missile sites in the area (used on naval cruisers) that could knock out anything launched.

    N. Korea's missile ability is being hyped up right now just to make people feel responsible by being on edge. Yesterday, Hannity went on and on about the lightwater reactors and how Clinton is completely responsible for what's up now. Whether or not this is viable doesn't matter. Nor does it matter that the DPRK is trying to flex some muscle.

    The problem with Kim-Jong-Il is how he's grown so paranoid from his political excursions. His domestic propaganda campaigns, lack of attention for his people's needs, and consistent snapping of foreign leaders' trust has made his conscience think the world is out to get him WORSE than it is now. The guy is royally nuts in that he doesn't try to work with anyone and worries over how we could nail him any second if he did something drastic. Yes, we could smash the DPRK military and force Il into a bunker/ hole like we did to the Nazis/ Hitler and Republican Guard/ Hussein, but if he was a genuinely good leader, he wouldn't be bringing such dire circumstances to bear anyway.

    The important question isn't will there be a war. There COULD be a military intervention by American or Joint Allied forces. The American Senate might approve of a war declaration similar to the Iraqi War in that we wouldn't declare war on North Korea and all of its people, but just the corrupt government and military.

    Why won't China and Russia jump onboard with the west? Is it just them following suit in diplomacy or is there something else? Why hasn't the American media held a hardline with Jung-Il like they did with Hussein over the UN and WMDs? Was it because Newscorp, AOL-Timewarner and the rest of the Big 6 were aware of the sensitivity and didn't want to be renounced or was it simply how the media doesn't want real bad-news to be aired so they can stay PC?

    War w/ N. Korea? No. War w/ Kim-Jung-Il, most likely not. This isn't the same situation as Bosnia or Somalia or Rwanda or even Thailand (with the Insurgency in the southern Penisula's provinces) in that military action is being exercised to enforce a will. Here the objective is influence and an attempt to gather attention. Hopefully, this will force Jung-Il to finally give up and realize his time is over (although in asking for asylum, he'll be denied with the argument that if he's done nothing wrong, he shouldn't be afraid of his own country's civil courts nor an international tribunal). Unfortunately, if there is a conflict, the Korean peninsula will NOT be unified as so desired in Chapter I, Article iii of the PRK's Constitution.

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    N. Korea and war will eventually happen, will the U.S. play a big part in it, probably not. S. Korea has a large army, Every male korean must serve 2 years in the army, "in exchange they go to college for 2 years for free (this could be incorrect)". Japan doesnt have an army due to the U.S. having several bases around Japan in a deal that we protect Japan and Japan doesnt create an Army. Now if that deal isnt around, within the next 6 months im sure Japan and tally up a large group of men also. That will leave N. Korea very weak. Knowing that all we will probably do is just drop bombs from a distance and allow S. Korea and Japan do the dirty work. Sooner it happens the better.

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    Bush will not backdown. He is a good man for his job because he takes a strong stand for what seems to be right and holds it unless it is proven completely wrong. However, the U.S.A. will not invade North Korea, that is out of the question. With troops massed in two countries already, three is too many. The United States will probably encourage UN diplomacy and UN peacekeeping troops to be involved. War is not inevitable. North Korea must backdown if they wish to avoid it. The United States does not typically cave to threats. If North Korea wants to start a war, they will get a war of many different countries against them.

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    War with North Korea is not inevitable, because of two reasons, one North Korea’s demonstration of their technological prowess, exposed that they have no technology at all. Their long-range missile didn’t even go that far. Secondly, Kim Jong-Il seems to reacting in a childish manner. While the World was focused on Iraq, and Iran, he was completely ignored. To compensate for this, he goes off, like a toddler throwing a tantrum, and fires several missiles. It seemed more like an attention ploy than anything else; therefore for those two reasons alone, I do not think that the US takes him seriously. Of course he is considered still a threat, but it’s not an immediate threat.

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    I don't even think N. Korea is such a threat...yet...their Taepodong-2 (spelling) was a bust 35 seconds after launch...and it's supposed to go several thousand miles!? Nah, Korea is just desparate and for the time being they don't have any means of lashing out at US....however, if they hit Japan or even China, i think the gloves come off, but not a war: the person previous to me makes it right: they will be nuked quicker than a baked potato.....

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    Journalism is not the best place for news, but what we are given we will need to work with, right? SO! NO we wont go to war with Korea, china is too much of a bigger brother and its Korea bush Sr. had nothing in the Korean war! Ha that should set things straight, its true and simple.

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    I just think that it's a bit hypocritical that the U.S has nuclear bombs that could reach North Korea, but we're all in an uproar because now they may or may not have the same means. Hopefully this can all be resolved. I don't hink the U.S can survive another war while the war in Iraq seems never ending.

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    We are coming to the end of days. But it won't be NK that causes the fall. The US will fall due to the poor policies our government is implementing. Since most of the world economy is based on what we do and buy when our economy collapses so will the worlds. What emerges will be a far different society then that we see today. I will suspect it will be a step to the policies and views of our original republic with an undercurrent of nationalism just as it was here in the beginning.

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    N. Korea does NOT want to start a war with anyone. They want to rattle their little sabres until the West decides to buy them off with incentives, like we did with Iran. Their crops are failing, their economy is in the toilet, and the only place where you are guaranteed (maybe) to get your 3 squares a day is in the military. Besides, China will take him (Kim Jong Il) out if it looks like we are actually going to get "involved". They don't want us to have more of a presence in the region than we already do.

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    N. Korea justs wants everyone to leave them alone they are NOT so stupid as to start a nuclear war with anyone but they are crazy enough that if anyone tries to screw with them they'll bite back like that little chihuahua that nips your ankle only with the mouth of a pit Bull. Theyre just tired of being the little "yellow" guys that dont have a say in what they do!

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