Jo Hernon?

Jo Hernon is the English newspaper's ,The Sun, World Cup armchair blogger. What an uuuuuugly woman. Her hair looks like it's thinning quicker than an cheap wig, her teeth look as brown and gritty as sandpaper and she looks so thin, probably from doing cocain. And her neck...was she a man turned woman? She's your WC armchair blogger? She's so uuuuugly....woof woof...barf barf.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Reecy, Reecy, Reecy when will you ever grow up.

    You're a day-glo orange bully. I deposit more talent in my hankie every time I sneeze than you possess in your whole body.

    Just to let people know. This was written by my former boss, probably with the help of his deluded girlfriend (love he cheats on you ALL the time). I know I have the job you wanted but get over it you 47-year-old child.

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