Does it appear that churches are sucking money from people to pay their own salaries?

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    This is a question that I have asked myself for some time. It wasn't until I became an officer of the church that I got a better understanding of the expenditures of the church. Are there some individuals that use the church for their own personal financial gain? Yes there are. However, there are those who want to give all churches the same label. At my church, the only one people who recieve salaries are my Pastor and our organ players. Salaries are established by the Deacon and Trustee Board who take a vote without the Pastor being present. All finances of the church are handled by the Deacons and Trustees. Our Pastor has no dealings with any of the church's finances.

    Another thing I learned since becoming a trustee is how much the church contributes to the community and members in need. Most recently there was a member in need of $3000.00 to prevent his home for going into foreclosure. The board voted to loan the gentleman the money and even arranged repayment terms better than the plan he had proposed for himself. In addition to typical mortgage(church building) and utility expenses our church incurred additional expenses of nearly $20,000 ranging from plumbing, roofing and parking lot resurfacing expenses. All churches aren't exploiting their members. However, like anything else, money is needed to keep things going.

    Had I not been a board member I would have never realized any of these things. When our church helps people we don't advertise it to the world. We just do it. We reach out to the communtiy. We help those in need. That is our jobs as christians. For those who choose to exploit the church for their own material gain. They are going to oneday have to answer to God and may he have mercy on their souls when that day comes.

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    The most visible churches/ministers <on television> are using god and church to support lavish lifestyles. This is evil.

    Most churches aren't like that. Most barely make enough to pay the bills. Most preachers are struggling to make ends meet.

    As a preacher's kid, I know it isn't a privileged lifestyle. There was much I did without growing up because we didn't have a lot of money. My mother often worked to help pay for things as all the kids entered the very expensive teen years.

    You can be sure there are a bunch of ministers taking advantage of their congregations and living the lifestyles of the rich and famous, but most are not and never will.

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    All churches in the field of organized religion are about money, money and more money. Have you ever seen a poor minister at one of these big mega-churches?

    To all the Bible-beaters and born again types: if you are REALLY, TRULY following the teachings of Jesus Christ, you should follow his lead. Give up all your worldly possessions, live in poverty and minister to others in the same manner as he did.

    I would point out to you the following from the Bible in which Jesus states "it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven."

    So, how can you call yourself true born-again Christians when you don't follow the true teachings of Jesus? Of course, the answer is that you aren't and are all frauds just like the ministers who go out and get all the money they can.

    Source(s): King James Bible
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    Churches arn't precisely run like corporations, most "employees" of a church are not payed, though the church generally provides for the basic living needs of the preachers. So, no, unlike airlines and other major corporations, money isn't taken to provide the pope with a big bonus so he can rent a big yacht.

    However, churches run solely off of donations from members, at least in modern times. In the past the church also ran off of spoils of war and conquest, however in modern times the catholic church no longer organizes armies to invade countries held by other religions.

    So, the church does take money from its members to provide for the church, however these are donations and there is no obligation to donate anything.

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    It is not an appearance; it's a fact. Like any club or organization there are bills to pay. However, there are those who actually abuse the people's mind and faith and turn church into a lucrative business.

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    Yes....they are some rich priest/preachers.... It is better to give the money to the poor. They always encourage to be in this particular church and give to this church only...I wonder why...So they can get paid and drive in the escalade...

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    1 decade ago

    the churches are ASKING for suport to help the poor, sick, dying, and even heathly. besides, i give $100 every week ( mostlly ) also, the preists get some of that money.

  • Grasp the concept "Offering" The term implies "Freely Given." No one is "sucking" of "stealing" anything.

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    they want your money to pay the court fines for molestation of the children and lawyer fee's.

  • Molly
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    1 decade ago

    No, not at least where I am.

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