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what liberal media bias?

why is when republicans and democrats agree on something it's not news but when they disagree its reported on as something divisive.Still believe in this stupid conspiracy?

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    So do you conservatives know who owns NBC? It is GE, yes that multinational megacorporation GE. They have lots of military contracts. Why would GE be supporting a liberal agenda? How does that help their bottom line? If the reporters at NBC were hurting GE's finances by pushing a liberal agenda, they would be fired immediately.

    Same goes for just about any other network. Follow the money trail and the liberal media arguement makes no sense. They are there to make money, not to make america a socialist state.

    Another logical point is why is the congress and executive branch both currently controlled by republicans. If the media was so liberal, how did they get elected? Of course the response would be that people are too smart and saw through the liberal propaganda. This of course means that the media is powerless and totally irrelevant. Then why do conservatives constantly blame everything on the liberal media?

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    Liberal Media Bias = Truth

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    I don't follow your line of thinking. If you want to have examples of liberal bias pointed out then read the New York Times (I stopped my subscription when my bird died) and watch CBS,NBC and ABC news.. Remember Dan Rather and the forged documents he tried to wave in front of the country 45 days before the November 2004 election (he still thinks that it was o.k. even though the documents were obviously fraudulent). Does the media ever show the great things being accomplished by the troops in Iraq? All you hear is Abu Grahib and the same alleged rape case over and over. I could continue on all night but from your means of phrasing your question it will not matter.

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    You can thank Bush for stirring up this hornet's nest.

    It started again most recently-within the last 10 years-whenever Republicans didn't like the Dems making a counterpoint that shot one of their rules/laws/policies out of the water. Now it appears to go both ways.

    When one group doesn't like the other, they now say the media has this bias or that. I just ignore it and get my news from a variety of sources. Some mainstream and others not-so-mainstream and others that are not-at-all-mainstream. If you want to find out what's really going on in this country, that's what you need to do these days to be informed.

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    If you don't think the media is liberal...just look at the last presidential election.......A bunch of ex-sailors attempt to discredit John Kerry's military awards and his stories, and every major network is looking for evidence on the contrary. CBS gets supposed documents supposedly showing Bush lied about his National Guard Service, and CBS reports it without even verifying the validity of the documents which are eventually proved to be fake.....and CBS still sticks by its story. Makes you go HMMMMM!!!

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    the liberal media bias was there for a long time...

    It makes perfect sense since people tend to see things through their own "filter"... and because you are more likely to DOWN PLAY problems... on YOUR side... and exacerbate ones on the "other side" of your issue.

    So President BUSH takes the new pope out on his presidential yacht... and as the pope was admiring the view from the stern, a gust of wind sent his pope-hat overboard.

    The Secret Service scrambled for the nets and the dingy, but "W", waved them off... saying... "I got this one boys"... he proceeded to step over the side... and walked, on the water... to retrieve the hat.

    The next day... the headlines read... "Bush can't swim".

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    u must look at news on television. most news stations on tv are biased. u should look on the net more if u want to hear more unbiased news, since u have more sources to look at on the net. its true that the media does this tho.

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    The first rule of digesting any media, is to firstly determine, who is spouting the gibberish...then you know where the Loyalty & subsequent spin, lies !

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    What is the question? What is your point? Is it a two part question, or are the thoughts rolling out of your empty head?

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    i bet my life on it, the media is overwhelmingly liberal.

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