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Why are Hezbollah's missiles unguided?

I'm pro-Israel, but I'm amazed in this day and age that missiles still go in the sea. Don't they know that Radioshack sells GPS systems for lost hikers?


And don't GM cars have GPS to find the nearest Mcdonalds

Update 2:

But these guys are apparently the best in the world at firing mortar rounds acording to the Israelis themselves.

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    i had a similar thought and researched it on the internet and found that in military circles and unguided missile is referred to as a rocket. however i to am amazed as well at the fact that while Hezbollah does indeed posses guided missiles they have relatively few. the other thing that gets me is why does hamas not posses any serious shells other than their homemade jobies that i envision as being like souped up mortars.

    also what are they (Hezbollah) using as a launcher for their rockets as i can't see them being truck mounted batteries like the Russians who developed that style of rocket.

  • Dan S
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    Radio may sell GPS trackers, but the US won't sell them to Hezbollah, or Iran (who makes and supplies the missiles). Besides the terrorists care less where the missiles land. All they want to do is incite terror. They don’t care if they hit a civilian or military target. They also don’t care if they only hit the ground. As seen on NBC Nightly News that is causing fires, and who wants to fight a fire when a missile might hit you. Finally, tracking systems cost more; so if you don’t need them, don’t include them.

    As for why the missiles aren’t hitting the ocean, that’s why Hezbollah is firing them near the border to make sure they land somewhere, anywhere, in Israel. The missiles don’t have the range to reach over Israel and hit the ocean. Hezbollah has some long-range missiles (if they can get them to work right), but even those won’t have the range. Hezbollah is buying cheap missiles, because they are good enough. They are using the rest of their money to help (buy support from ) the Lebanese people. The same tactic Hamas uses in Palestine; all to paint the Israelis as the bad guys.

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    Well the simple answer is that they are cheaper that way. The more in depth answer is that with the random nature of the Katusha rockets it strikes more fear than guided rockets. If you live near a target in Lebanon you just move a few blocks away and you chances are improved dramatically. But Israel is the target. Another reason may be that they can get away with killing civilians easier that way. If the missiles were guided then the world community would look down at the intentional killing of civilians by Hezbollah.

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    Hezbollah is a militant or rebel group fighting against Israel. They are not financially well funded to acquire precision guided missile. Mostly, they only use rocket propelled grenade launchers (RPG) and howitser type canon or a small rocket launchers. The Taliban in Afganishtan acquired stringer guided missile from the US (via CIA) to fight against the Russians. They will get one one soon from Iran and China or probably from North Korea.

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    Good question. You think all the money Hezbollah receives from hostile countries they could afford a GPS or three. But I guess when you buy wholesale from Russia and China's k-mart blue light special.. that's what you get.

    But thank God they have out of date technology. It might help stave off WWW III for a few more weeks.

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    Knowing where you are and how to make a missle go where

    you want to go are two different issues.

    Missile guidance requires a continuous feed back: Turn the

    jets this way, see how it effects the trajectory, now correct

    the other way ...

    It is a very complex piece of hardware. True, once you have

    the technology, it is pretty easy to replicate it - if you have

    a technology infrastructure.

    However, they don't. They depend on purchasing such things

    from other countries - and I'm guessing that no potential

    seller is giving them away.

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    Because low-tech weapons are easier to hide,set up quickly and dismantled quickly after firing.

    Hizbollah ( I call them Hammambollah or toilet of god) Hides these weapons among the civillian population and fires them from there

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    I'm proud of you for spelling the word missile correctly.

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    Hezbollah hav rockets not missles...theres difference

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    That's half the fun of being a terrorist. You just don't care where it goes.

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