Is Israel the terrorist now or are the other guys always the bad guys?

It seems that the USA and Israel are very quick to label terrorists when they themselves appear that way to the otherside. Has Israel gone over the edge and is now the terrorist?

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    Israel has been the victim of Hezbullah and Hamas for decades.

    The world community has labled these organizations as terrorist groups. Israel has a right to defend herself, just as the United States has a right to defend herself. Your assumption that the otherside sees the U.S and Israel as terrorists is just your opinion. I have personal experiences in some of the other places that you may be speaking of, and you assesment is completely wrong. Most peoples from other countries actually like the United States, and millions of people from around the world would love to live here and be American. What you assume is the opinion of others, is propaganda manufactured by the cowardly, murderous leaders of radical terrorist groups. The opinion by some people in the United States, that we are terrorists is really just ignorance of the world in which they live. The world of Ipods, cell phones and American Idol. People that believe fictional characters, such as Homer Simpson actually have an impact on our society. People that believe that living in a gated community will keep them safe from crime. People that live in a fantasy world. There are people that don't believe 9/11 happened, just as there are people that don't believe the holacaust happened. Why is it that we were attacked, and when we decide to go after the perps, we are called terrorists? Don't people know that we are a country that believes in liberty and justice. would Americans rather we invite the terrorist armies to the United States so that we can deliver the justice on our soil? Believing that we ourselves are terrorists is a very low opinion to hold. There is nothing worse than having a low opinion of yourself.

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    In my opinion, Israel is labeled the "bad guy" by most societies just because they put up resistance every time they are attacked, and then choose to defend themselves. Keep in mind, most of the Arab nations, including militias such as the not desire a peaceful coexistence with Israel. To the contrary...Hezbollah, Iran, and other likeminded groups share the fanatical policy of Hitler...the total destruction of the Jewish state from the face of the Earth. Research the historical facts surrounding the 1972 Munich Olympic massacre of the Israeli team by the PLO. Given those undisputable facts, how could any thinking person believe Israel is a terrorist group?

    Source(s): Factual History
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    First of all, you should differentiate the meaning of terrorist and retaliation !!!!

    Terrorist are those people who carry out sneak and cowardly attack towards innocent people ~ like carrying bombs on their body and blowing up buses, etc or any other suicidal attacks towards un-expecting innocent people.

    What Israel has done here is retaliating for the harm inflicted towards its soldiers from Hezbollah who sneaked over, killed an Israeli soldier and captured 2 of them ~~ Israel was provoked and therefore is doing everything to save and bring back these captured soldiers.

    I'm from Asia and if any of our People were attacked or captured by any foreign Country, I would expect our Government to do the same as Israel is doing for it's people. Viva Democracy & Freedom & all these terrorists should be erradicated from the face of this Earth so that innocent people can live in a safe and carefree environment.

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    All country's have people capable of committing terrorist acts, but just because a handful choose to commit these offenses don't mean that it is a terrorist country.

    Israel is not at fault for what is going on.

    They have no choice but to defend themselves,..Hezbollah and Hamas have been asking for it for a long time.

    They have mistaken israel desire for peace as a sign of weakness,...they are now learning the hard way.

    Israel is small and many think they are weak,...big mistake!!!

    Thier air force is second to none and they have great technology to go with it.

    I only feel sorry for the innocent lives that are lost for other peoples ignorance.

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    that's what i could desire to be conscious of. and albeit if the international needs to help the genuine butcherers of the harmless then the international can bypass root, propaganda-led Fools. that is unique inhabitants have been Pagans no longer Muslims, the Jews ran the Pagans out and claimed that land centuries in the previous Mohamed replaced into even born. Get Your info on the instant eh?

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    Official FBI definition of terrorism: “Terrorism is the unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives.”

    Israel is responding to attacks. Its not terrorism. It was unprovoked.

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    I think that the difference is here:

    Israel, if it could have everything exactly the way it wants it, would kill all of Hezbollah, Hamas, etc. and leave all other Arabs alive.

    Hezbollah and Hamas, if they had their way, would kill all Jews in Palestine.

    Both lack the technology, money, and other resources to do so.

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    Hezbollah is holding two of Isreal's soldiers captive until their terms are met. Isreal is showing Hezbollah that this course of action (kidnapping soldiers) will not be tolerated. Hezbollah is returning fire. There is no terrorism involved in this action.

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    Ever group, religion, and different countries has always played the good, and bad guy rool. It depends on the times.

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    Hamas and Hezbollah provoked israel into doing it.

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