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Why are people so freaked out by tap water these days?

Why do many people prefer drinking bottled water? If you municipality abides by the regulations set forth to ensure clean, safe drinking water, why is bottled water better? I'm just curious as to why so many people snub tap water...

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    Well CC people of today are more health conscience than they were years ago. Tap water has only to meet the minimum requirements to be considered acceptable. What if you learned that your towns water supply passed but wasfound to be just a step above contamination, would you want still want to drink it?There is a town not so far from where I live, which is in a different water district with a very high rate of cancer deaths. The deaths are believed to be attributed to their tap water supply. A friend of mines father, who lived in the town for many years died with the very same cancer. Most of todays appliances, refrigerators in particular, now come with water filters so more bottled water drinkers such as myself tend to feel a little more comfortable with drinking tap water. Water filters for the faucet are also becoming increasingly popular. I guess in the end when it comes to our health we can't be too careful. Peace and God Bless.

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    People have just become more fussy and spendthrift. Everyone feels like pampering themselves. Finally everyone wants to be 100% sure. As a society, particularly American society we are becoming paranoid about every single worm and germ.

    The fact is that municipal water is far more likely to be slightly (ever so slightly) contaminated by bacteria picked up from the main pipelines, leakages along the pipeline- possibly from adjacent sewage lines. Finally the contamination can occur in the overhead tank of your apartment block which may not have been cleaned for months or possibly for years.

    This aversion to every last single bacteria is not good for society. American society is constantly spraying bathroom door knobs and taps and kitchen table tops with Lysol (R). The result of this paranoia is that we stop developing natural immunity to germs in general. The final result of this paranoid existence is a weaker society less immune to even common colds.

    Remember water that has been boiled for 10-15 minutes (to boiling point) is as safe as most bottle water. So drink boiled water - save money - and save the environment because we will have fewer disposed plastic water bottles !

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    Tap water is snubbed because bottled water is more trendy. I drink filtered tap water at home and I only use the filter to remove the chlorine flavor from the water. There are not too many places left in the world where you can drink tap water and it's really great to live in one of them.

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    People are just weird. Not only is tap water safe to drink (because it has to meet regulations), but it also contains things bottled water doesn't, like fluoride which is good for your teeth.

    Really, the use of bottled water needs to be discouraged. This is incredibly wasteful. Granted most of those bottles can be recycled, many people do not recycle them and regardless - having to put them through the recycle process is still a waste of resources and money. If people are drinking healthily they may need as many as 10 water bottles each day, especially during the hot summer months. People are wasting their money on these bottles. The companies are completely wasting resources, packaging, plastic, advertisement, etc on WATER. Which you can get from your sink for a lot cheaper.

    If you like the convenience of a water bottle - definitely use one - but just keep filling it up with tap water.

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    We don't use bottled water. Wr have got a Reverse Osmosis system. Thats the way bottled water is purified. So I suggest that you get one too. That way, you don't have to buy bottled water. Its a bit costly but its worth every penny.

    Tap water has a lot of dissolved substances(that you cannot see). The municipality doesn't removed then. So if you use an RO system, you will see that the TDS(Total dissolved solute) of the water will fall to 10-18. Usually it is about 400 or more. Just go to to find out how reverse osmosis works.

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    there have been studies that a lot of the bottled water is no better than the tap; myself, i get my water from the tap and i have a Brita filter system on it that really does make the difference with taste and clarity and it doesnt cost that much to have one

    now there are other people who are against flouride in the tap water; a home filter system for that costs in the hundreds of dollars

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    It's all a marketing scam. I happen to like tap water. I fool my family by filling up a "bottled water" jug with tap and put it in the fridge they have no idea. I laugh when my boyfriend says he hates tap water, when he has been drinking it all along. Why pay for what we can get for free?

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    Because some water services just follow the minimum regulations and call it good. I drink tap water and bottled. But if you think about it, everything is polluted that enters our body. Acid rain is raining on crops which we eat, and the cows are eating the grass, oil and fuel spills are polluting the ocean which we eat fish out of.

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    Cause there's too much crap in tap water. Just cause they go by the guidelines doesn't mean it's safe. They say that the tap water in Dallas is clean too but it made me so sick to my stomach I couldn't drink even made my dog sick to her stomach. So I will stay with bottled water or a filter for the tap.

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    The bottled water companies want you to think bottled is better. Honestly, if you live in any city you are fine. If you have well water or live out in the rural areas or near a factory then maybe you should test once every year or 2 to be sure but I had well water when I was a kid and aside from taste/shower it was no biggie. (It made our hair look redish and it is hard to lather soap in hard water)

    We are lucky that in America we have access to water regularly.

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