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Do you think we each will know the reason we were here before we die?

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    Personally, I feel we are all here to fulfill certain purpose (s) in life.

    After those purposes are fulfilled, we die. So, I guess we sorta do know the reason as we die.

    Very esoteric question.

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    I think that it is arbitrary to let ourselves believe that we REALLY know the true reason we were put here. I think that after death, we will resolve to our reasons, and that will be enough. During life we should all define our own goals, accompanyed by some sense of purpose, but to believe that you know the real truth in life is to believe that you solved the biggest rubix cube in the entire world in record time. I don't think we are supposed to have the resources, the ability to understand our purpose on this Earth, but are supposed to know at the pit of our souls what to do to find that answer. Whether this path actually takes us to the answer, we probably will never know, but it is all we can do in life.

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    Wow, what a question. After we die I hope we get an explanation or it all makes sense at least. I don't have a religiion but believe in God most of the time and beleive in the end you get a resolution of some sort from your maker. If you can achieve it while your alive they call this self actualization in pyschology.

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    I don't think everyone will. Not everyone is here to DO something. Some people are here to learn, so there may never be that thing that they did that they can say, "Yeah, that's why I was here." Some people are just filler. Would you know if you were just filler? Maybe some people are here just to die. Wouldn't know that until it happened, eh?

    I think we will know afterward. We probably knew before we came.

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    Yes, goldenrain, the closer to my time I get, the clearer is my path, and I've received many answers for the questions I had as a child, young adult, early 40's, and on.

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    I believe that we certainly will know why we were all here and what our"mission" was in this lifetime.We're all here for a reason.

    Best Wishes

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    We do. To have serve and have relationship with God. But we have been blinded to it through our own choices.

    Have you read "The Purpose-Driven Life" by Rick Warren? It clearly addresses and answers the questions you present.

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    The reason some people exist seems to be merely to annoy me.

    Source(s): Divine inspiration.
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    Who will tell us?

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