I bought a dell and it had part of sonic cd & dvd burner in it. of corse it doesnt work and i keep hearing tha

I bought a dell cp. it had a sonic cd & dvd burner in it of course it doesnt work. I looking for the missing part of sonic program I keep hearing that sonic has problems. The sonic model is LE v7 .What can I use to replace it. ps. I am not very high tech. Thanks


I sorry the problem is Sonic software is incomplete, a test version. is sonic worth trying to getit working or should should I forget sonic and go for a better software

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    I really don't know much about sonic. You might try downloading the latest driver from the manufacturer, if that doesn't work you might have to but a new burner. Lite-on is a good name. Wal-mart even sells them.

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    If you bought a new dell, call dell, its still under a warranty.

    If you wanna replace the software go with Nero. You can find it in any store.

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