I'm going to university this fall.got any advice?

i'm going into civil and enviromental engineering.isn't that cool?

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    Civil and environmental engineering are cool.

    Try checking out the major civil and environmental engineering projects in your area. Visit some of the current projects to see what is going on. Go to city council meetings that are discussing current or proposed projects.

    If you know your first term courses, see if you can get the text books now and read ahead. This will give you a great head start.

    Look at the schools general educational requirements and the requirements for your major. Figure out what courses you are going to take each term for the next 4 years.

    Some college students get lazy and skip class. I suggest you never skip class. No matter how boring or how far ahead you are, get into the habit of always going to class.

    If the university isn't too far from where you live, go visit it. Walk around and get familiar with the campus. In the Fall it will be filled with people and you'll be very busy. Go now and explore at a comfortable pace.

    It is nice if your parents can help you move in but they shouldn't stay more than the first day. Then they should not visit for a while since you need to break ties and focus on school.

    You will suddenly have a lot of freedom. Don't give in to peer pressure and do things you don't believe in. Good friends will respect you for who you are.

    Don't try holding on to a long distance relationship. It will be impossible to maintain and distract you from school. If you are or plan to be sexually active in college then go to the university's medical center and get birth control pills and condoms.

    College is a great time. Study hard and enjoy!

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    Be prepared to work quite a lot. Make sure you go to tutorials and attempt questions early so you can ask a lot of questions. The people that drop out are the people who, for the most part, only show up to tutorials on quiz days, only look at the material while learning it in the lectures, and people who think that it'll get easier once they've fallen behind.

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    Are you going to college to be cool or to persue what you love?

    If you're going to school to do something cool you just lost 10 cool points with me.

    90% of all college freshman - in the US - change their mind about their major at least once.

    90% of all college seniors change their mind about their entire career path (which by the way is tied to their major) at least once.

    My advice is focus on your General Education requirements first - worry about your major intentions later...like when you're mature enough to decide whether you want to look at the civil or the environmental side of engineering...both are very different in their theories and applications...both command different views by the industry.

    Source(s): an engineering major and yes I reported Edna
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    DO NOT SCREW UP! Too many students get to college and go crazy. They bomb two semesters, then spend the rest of their college time attempting to repair their GPA. Your first semester counts as much as the last. Do not overload yourself the first time. Also, early morning classes. The losers will want to sleep late. Early classes will be filled with serious student who can help your grade.

    Good luck

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    1. Show up on time. Treat classes like a job. Be professional.

    2. Try to meet your professors/ TAs close to the beginning of class. Any interest or good will built up early can help cover your butt if you have a genuine issue later on.

    3. Do the reading ahead of time. When you get to class you should be prepared to discuss that day’s topic, not ready to just passively absorb a lecture. If you are prepared you will get more out of it, and will know which notes are important to take, (and which you can get from the book) Better notes = better test scores = better grades...You have to read the book anyway. Just by reading one or two weekends earlier you can improve your grade a ton. Plus if you do get sick, or have a great date, you won't be sol, or have to cancel to study, because you will have a cushion. -That is the fruits of being a professional.

    4. Half way through the semester starts thinking about next semesters classes. Ask other students which teachers they have had, or heard of. Ask you professor "I have really enjoyed this semester, since I respect your opinion, can I ask you a question? Who would you recommend as a good professor for ______ class?" The right prof can make all the difference between a class being tedious and being delightful. Shop before the rush. Then contact the teacher early. Before you are even able to register for the semester and introduce yourself and announce your interest.

    Anytime anyone helps you on you quest send them a $5 gift card to star bucks and a thank you note. The best couple dollars you can spend, because it creates so much good will.

    5. This is the beginning of your network. If you have had a good semester and gotten B's or A's. These professors are now resources of information and goodwill on the campus for you. If you have trouble getting into a class you want, they might go to bat for you. If you aren't able to get into something because of question of a pre-requisite you were hoping to bypass, they might vouch for your hard work and excellence.

    *** Teachers in College are not like teachers in high school: In high school they were always dragging you "kicking and screaming" to "pleeeeease! DO the work!” In college, they aren't your Mom & Dad anymore --- that also means they aren't the enemy anymore. It is a profound reversal that is hard for a lot of freshman to grasp.

    College professors expect you to do the work. If you don't it is your money you are wasting. Remember you are paying to be there. So anytime you spend whispering jokes behind the Prof's back, instead of paying attention is not only immature, it hurts YOU in the end. Plus it is pretty much stealing from your classmates because it causes a distraction from their learning exp. Remember that, when someone else wants to be the class clown. Try not to encourage it.

    Have fun when you learn in class, and have fun at college, just if it is going to be wild do it outside of class and in a safe way.


    1. If you decide to drink, only drink 2 nights a week.

    2. Always uncap open your own beverage, or pour your own glass.

    3. Do not leave your glass un-attended.

    4. Arrive with a female friend, LEAVE with that same female friend. No exceptions.

    5. If you like a guy enough to hook up, make that decision sober.

    He will respect you more, and more importantly YOU will respect you more.

    6. No Glove, No Love. No exceptions.

    7. If something "bad" happens. Go to the police/ hospital immediately. Don't go home until you feel better. Don't have a shower or wash your hands. YOU are evidence. Preserve it. Even if you were out on a date, if you didn't say yes, or if you were not in a sober position to say yes, it isn't ok.

    8. A lot of people try pot in college. Remember that it also seriously impairs your judgment long after you are high. If you do try it, do not do it often or you will hurt your grades. Even once a week will hurt your ability to focus and juggle priorities. I would say anything more than once a month could really jeopardize your academics. Not to mention any amount may seriously disappoint your parents.

    For the love of God do not try harder drugs. Meth is not a drug you can "Try" many people get hook right away, especially with the pressures of too many things to do and too little time. Do not try Acid in an attempt to understand the universe better. Its other nickname "fry" is a reference to its ability to "fry" people's brains. Of course you know how glamorous Crack and Heroin are. They can take people straight to the gutter in just a couple weeks.

    The problem with narcotic drugs is that they affect the pleasure center in your brain very hard. The reward center in your brain exists to create pleasure when you do something "good" that ensures your survival, such as eat a good meal, or drink when you are very thirsty, enjoy human companionship when you are lonely, or attempt to propagate the species through sex.

    Narcotic drugs hijack that system and flood the synapses between brain cells with an unnaturally high amount of these pleasure chemicals. So that the drug feels better than any natural "feel good event" you can encounter. But the brain is not designed for this high level of stimulation. It thinks something is wrong... and indeed there is. So it reduces the number of receptors for the chemical flooding the gap between brain cells.

    So when you are not on the drug, normal amounts endorphins from "feel good events" in life are not received in normal amounts, because the equipment to "catch" the internal endorphins has been turned down ---So everyday things cannot bring joy to sustain the spirit. This is what causes the cycle of addiction that is so incredibly hard for people to break out of. Once the person takes the drug again, the brain further reduces the ability of the brain cells to accept normal low endorphin levels, and indeed the narcotic drug must also be taken at a higher dose to create the same effect.

    Since the narcotic has hijacked a very important reward center it is very uncomfortable to quit. Since the pleasure center's purpose was to reward behavior that supported survival, ignoring it feels fatal. When you quit the drug the feeling is equivalent to the desperation of drying of thirst, starving to death, and being the last person left alone on the planet. Narcotics are nothing to play around with.

    9. 99% of the time you would never even need this advice for safe partying. But it is better to be safe than sorry. I'm sure a smart person like you going into engineering does not need this advice. But I am sure you will be a pillar in your community, maybe someone you know can benefit from you passing on this knowledge.

    10. If you are religious don't let go of it just because you move. Keep up with those studies as well to keep from being too homesick. You may try to read a certain passage each week at the same time your family does. This is a historic way people have kept in touch, before phones, and even good letter service were available.

    Good Luck, This will be the adventure of your life!

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    study!!! Don't slack off because teachers don't tell you to do homework. Keep up your gpa by going in for help if you need to, and do extra credit. Your major is really cool..thumbs up !

    ps. I reported Edna.

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    1 decade ago

    Study hard, get good grades and try to have a little fun in between.

    Also, thank your parents if they are paying for your tutition.

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    Wow, a chica in engineering college? You're going to have your pick of the litter. :)

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    take it easy , dont go partying all the time:d

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    go there single. don't have any long distance relationships, good luck.

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