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Could a virus prevent access to the web?

I tried to access the web this morn via laptop and couldnt get into a website. did virus scan and found a netsky virus. i deleted it but i am still having the same problem ...i cant access the internet. could this virus do that? and how do i fix the problem?


and im using another computer..hence why im able to post...problem is i cant download sites to fix the problem on the laptop since i cant pull up a website..

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    1) Get a firewall!

    2) Make sure the firewall is running!

    3) Make sure the firewall is running!

    I would download the free, yet powerful antivirus "F-Prot", its for dos, but its updated every day or 2. Dont let the interface fool you.


    Put it on a cd (along with a firewall if you dont have one) and get it over to your laptop. I would try out f-prot on your current system to get used to the configurations (set it up o automatically clean the virus).

    Run a scan, then install the firewall. Then scan again.

    The virus has probably opened a door for another virus, which is using your laptop as a server of some sort to do its "dirty work".

    Good luck with the cleaning.

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    Well, you were able to make this post, so I am assuming that you at least have some access (or maybe through a different computer). I would install Mozilla Firefox, as its a lot less vulnerable to viruses than IE. Also, download the trial of this software, you won't regret it. Comes with everything and the kitchen sink when it comes to computer tuning.

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    Yes, it can. It would be too complicated to try to fix it here. My suggestion would be to find a good tech board online (TechSupportGuy is one) and hook yourself up with a tech who will help you. They can analyze your computer just by having you post a log and run some programs. They do this for free and are very knowledgeable. Good luck.

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    Use the tool first then download the free spyware and virus protection programs.

    Malicious virus removal tool:

    Ad-Aware Free download:

    AVG Download free

    Good Luck

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