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how many songs can you think of about Ohio?

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    Ohio - Neil Young

    Beautiful Ohio - The state song

    Ohio is for Lovers - Hawthorne Heights

    My City Was Gone - The Pretenders

    Not Ohio, but places in Ohio:

    Cleveland Rocks - Presidents of the USA

    Moon over Parma - Robert McGuire

    And, not a song, but there were a few bands with Ohio in their names:

    The Ohio Players who recorded "Love Rollercoaster" before the Red Hot Chili Peppers. And Ohio Express who did "Yummy," you know..."Yummy, yummy, yummy, I got love in my tummy."

    If you're too young to know that one, it is real - look it up.

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    Ohio is for lovers

    Ohio (come back to Texas)

    & I guess anything by the Ohio Players

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    4 dead in Ohio

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    "come back to texas" by Bowling for soup mentions ohio

    "ohio is for lovers" by Hawthorne Heights

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    4 dead in ohio

    Source(s): crosby, stills, nash and young.... or maybe just neil young
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    ohio btbowling4soup thatsong roks

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    My City was Gone--the Pretenders

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    one the theme song that drew carrey sang in th begining of his show the drew carey show it says cleveland rocks hope i helped some

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    the 2 that were Drew Carey themes ... something about Cleveland Rocks ... and the other one was moon over parma ...

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