I'm remodeling my small bathroom. I have a pink tub, sink and toilet, dont know what colors to use .?

need to choose tile, counter top and paint

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    I had a similar problem with my small master bathroom. When we moved into the house, it had a pink sink, pink toilet, pink tile floor, pink shower tile and pink semi-gloss paint on the walls and ceiling (EEEK!). Fortunately, the wall tile other than the shower is white. We pulled out the pink tile and replaced it with a pearl gray. We also painted the walls in the same pearl gray color and pulled up the old pink floor tiles and replaced them with a laminate sheet that resembles white and gray marble. I put antiqued white pots with silk flowers here and there. It really looks nice now, and even my husband can deal with the touch of pink in the sink and toilet.

    Since you also need a countertop, in my case I would have selected a gray and white "marble look" countertop (granite, laminate, or whatever works for you) to go with the floor.

    I've always thought that pink and gray were an excellent combination. Gray is a neutral, so everything goes with it. White accents add a "clean" look to the overall picture. Our bedroom is a "green tea" color and the juxtaposition of the pearl gray and light green is pleasing. The overall effect is relaxing, too, which I think is something to consider as well.

    Good luck with your project!

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    I would suggest pulling out the pink tub, sink and toilet, and putting in white or bisque. I had a bathroom like that in my current house with the pink everything in it, and I tore it all out, and put in the new stuff. Its really not all that hard, it was my firs time doing it, and it was totally worth it. Pink fixtures are very late 1980's, and are totally out of style. So if you are going to do the remodel, go all out and really make the place look better, rather than just slapping some lipstick on that pink pig.

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    Depending on the shade of pink. Many colors can blend with it or tie into it with other colors.

    I would use Burgundy or a wine color something deep and rich for border, trim and accents. Then blend with Egg shell or a vanilla cream. stay away from white-(no creativity in it) for the walls and or the background in the tiles you plan to use. Gray is always a great choice for depth or shading and blending. I would look into this for the counter top.

    Source(s): I had a powder room with these colors and miss it. I have sinced purchased a home and we are doing the powder room in it, like the one I used to have, because of how nice it looked.
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    This is different but chocolate brown looks great with pink. That's as far as for your towels and rugs. There's this new chrome look tile, that would allow you to try that look and just use white counter top and paint like a very pale pink, like bisque color or pearl color paint.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    if it's pink!!! I love pink! but i would say go with a dark forest green accences like a white tile with a leaf on it!

    and for the tile use a darker grout <-- if not it will look really yucky in a few years! darker grout hides more! i would go with a dark green for the grout!

    Paint i would stick with a white! but get some sort of leaf boarder! for a higher ceiling go to the dollar store and buy fake vines and put in the corner cracks of the wall to celiing! your shower curtain i would do in foliage colors as well! don't be afraid to add a little red to accent the room as well!

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    I would go with white for tile and maybe a soft cream or gold for the walls. Maybe even a gold veined marble for tile. It all kind of depends, do you want ramantic or rhetro or what? Black and pick are very 50's rhetro while the softer golds, creams and such are more romantic. Also a grey or variated grey stone tile would work well. It also leans toward the romantic.

    Source(s): half way through a degree in interior design
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    I guess it depends on if you want the room to look feminine or not. Lots of colors look great with pink. If it's for a girl you can use yellow, white, or sage green with it. I wouldn't use blue at all. If you want to downplay the pink, use black, brown, or maybe even gold. With the right art work and accessories, anything can work.

  • 1 decade ago

    Hey there, maybe a purple color or green color would look neat in there...it depends on the shade of pink in your bathroom, you don't want to overpower your room with the other color. Also, white would look good with that too, and then you can use towels to put more color in for accents. Good luck!

    Source(s): http://www.hgtv.com (for more ideas)
  • Tigger
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    1 decade ago

    It really depends on what you want.

    You could go with varying shades of pink. Or you could break up the pink by adding blues and lavenders, or even white. Different greens are also very nice with pink.

  • DeeDee
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    1 decade ago

    assuming you are keeping the pink fixtures. The complimentary color for pink is green; however, nothing looks better in a bath than white.

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