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Anonymous asked in SportsCycling · 1 decade ago

Landis not even a contender not even close and wins on steroids like most americans.?

USA always finds some new type of steroids that cant be detected for several months and the event is already been done.USA cheats all the time and get away for it.


i dont even like Cycling its the people that cheat i dont like. go watch your sissy liitle sports of american football (handball) baseball and basketball, and play a real man sport HOCKEY, oops i ferfot you dont know how to skate maybe you dont even know what hockey is. you all know Landis is on steroids.

Update 2:

hockey is Canada and 70% amricans dont no or like hockey. and Hockey players are 10 times thougher then american football player, and you guys are so bitter, if you get cought on steriods in Canada you are out for life, in the US and other parts of the world you get a find and dont tell the OC what has happend.

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    What you say if partially true. USA athletes do use banned substances. New drugs and masking agents are continually being developed.

    But what you fail to admit is: athletes, who are competitive, from every other nation do the same thing.

    Although the drugs are banned by the IOC, WADA, NCAA.... is it really cheating when everyone you are competing against is using banned substances.

    The World’s Stongest Man, Professional Body Building, the Olympics… are as much a test of pharmaceutics as it is a test of training techniques. They have a saying in the Olympics: To be a great athlete you need a great trainer, a great chemist, and a great lawyer.

    During a recent Olympics there were about 100 positive drug tests. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) claimed there was less than ten.

    They know that faster, stronger, record-breaking athletes will bring crowds. Crowds bring money....

    It is also typical for athletes who have tested positive to sue the IOC. The IOC has limited funds and can not fight 100's of law suits.

    Even the female gymnasts and figure skaters are using steroids and other drugs.

    I have spent the last 17 years with the world’s greatest DRUG-FREE strength athletes and I have broken dozens of world and national records. There is no way that I, or other drug-free athletes who I know, could compete against Olympic athletes.

    I know a number of Olympic athletes include a female figure skater. The coach had her on steroids when she was about 15 years old. If they do that to a little girl, imagine what they have grown men take!

    Argue all you want, but what I have stated above is fact.

  • 1 decade ago

    Landis could have won the past 2 or 3 Tour de France's but I guess you are to dumb to know that it is a team sport, and they pick one guy to win and the rest of the team blocks the other racers for him. You are a retard. Lance Armstrong won 7 Tours in a row. If you know anything about performance enhancing drugs, you would know that you can't win a race just by taking steroids, and you dam sure can't win 7 in a row. Oh yeah, and The US does no a little something about hockey, since the biggest league in the world, (NHL) is in the US. I can tell you are an idiot, and you probably talk about things you know nothing about all the time. You should spend more time reading and researching and less time running your uninformed mouth. You don't like football because you are to much of a weakling to play with real men that would hurt you. Baseball is the greatest game ever. And Everton played the Columbus Crew last night and tied them 1-1. Chelsea plays the MLS all-stars on saturday, and if Chelsea does not win that game by at least 4 goals, then they are as much of a joke as you are. Soccer is not as bad in the US as you think, but you have been wrong about most of the things you say, so no one can trust what comes out of your ignorant, uninformed, mouth. Looser

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    1 decade ago

    what's the question? why are the French losing to great Americans who are tested for steriods and other drugs just like everyone else? (No offense to all those from France, not all are that bad, but not all Americans are better either).

    Oh well, go figure. By the way, other countries cheat as well, but I won't go there. Happy hating.

  • 1 decade ago

    What kind of foolishness are you!? Keep your jealousy and hatred on your side of the border. Keep Hockey over there also. And by the way, look at WADA (world anti-doping agency)...I bet there's a reason why they don't touch hockey...because its based in Canada!

    Think before spewing the playa' hatin'.

  • 1 decade ago

    Landis is a higly religous man, he wouldn't do that. I bet if we were good enough to do some damage in the World Cup you would accuse us of using steroids too. Hey sore loser, I hope you don't live in my country. Sorry...I have roid rage today.

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    5 years ago

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I've never seen such a bunch of sore losers. If your country is too lazy and inept to produce a winner you have to immediately find a way to discredit those who do! Face it, capitalism works because it produces a nation of achievers and producers, not people who philosophise and analyze and do nothing!

    get over yourself

  • 1 decade ago

    Testosterone is NOT a steroid, it CAN be detected and if he's guilty, then suspend, fine and strip him of the title.

    There's a solution for everything....except for your painful ignorance...

  • 1 decade ago

    You sound bitter because Americans dominated your little fairy sport. Start crying now, because it will happen again next year.

  • 1 decade ago

    You are a sad, sad person. Your rant reveals an ignorance about this issue and a bias that is revolting.

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