If lebanon were a nuclear power, do you think Israel would have attacked it?

Do you think they did that only because Lebanon is weak? Is that why they are playing games with Lebanon? So much destruction just for 2 sodiers which are still alive. What about the civilians which died in Lebanon after the attack?

Would Israel dared to have attack another stronger country?


Too stupid@Danny. Ever seen a Muslim country use nukes? America is the only country which has. Pakistan and many other countries have nukes though.

Update 2:

Ok, So you justify this war.

But how is destroying 5000 homes justified? Killing children and women justified? How is bombing of 62 bridges justified. Do you think that Hezbollah would hide themselves under bridges? What about the power plants?

Update 3:

Was removing syrian soldiers tactically with the help on UN just a strategy to make Lebanon weaker?

Heck, Israel never even itself complied to the UN resolution. And yet they have been committing war crimes they are committing since 1960's. They are still occupying territories they held illegally.

6 months ago, the Syrian army were driven away from Lebanon by the US claiming that they are preventing democracy. Isn't the reason why the Syrian army were driven away with the help of the UN is to prepare for this invasion. Israel was only looking for a reason to invade. Hezbollah only wanted to exchange innocent people languishing in Israel jails for the 2 soldiers.

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    maybe you are right. Muslim countries need to have nuclear weapon against Israel, because they are always in danger of Israel's attack.

    Devil lives in Israel! Actually, they have this crazy belief that this land is theirs, even though their messiah hasn't come yet and they cannot claim it as their land until he comes. So technically, they shouldn't even be there. The only reason they're still alive is because the US backs them up. Otherwise, the germans or the arabs would have wiped them off the face of this earth. They're horrible people. They bombed hospitals, escape roads, airports, bus stations. They bombed civilians trying to escape in cars and buses, and they bombed a PREDESIGNATED UN PEACEKEEPING LOOKOUT! All that over two soldiers? Yes, I must admit that Hezb-allah is retaliating, but what would you do if bombs are being dropped over your head. You'd fight back any way you can.

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    first of all this isnt just bout the 2 soldiers hezbollah has been attacking israel for years. plus i am lebanese and i lived in the country for 6 years and i can tell you that although there is all this daeth and distruction the christian lebanese would like nothing better than to see those hezbollah terrorists dissarmed and destroyed (i cant speak for the muslims though) and as for all the destruction im sure that israel will compensate lebanese for all of the damages. our governent is very weak and very corrupted and more than half of the population is muslim its hard to do anything about hezbollah without igniting another civil war. so israels doing the job for us i know it doesent seem that way but trust me its a good thing, i do however think that they should be more carefeull so that they dont kill innocent children. and as for nuclear power, right now lebanon doesent even have enough money to keep its power plants running the most parts of the country only get a half days electricity (and this was even before the war) right now the only thing lebanon is worried about is peace and prosperity. not nuclear weapons


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    Israel would not have let Lebanon become a nuclear power.

    What Israel is doing is like the advise I've heard about going to jail for the first time. "when you get there find the biggest guy and go nuts and punch him in the face." They will think your crazy and leave you alone." Not that Lebanon is the biggest guy on the block, Israel just wants all the Arab countries to think they are crazy so that they will leave them alone.

    Unfortunately advice from guys that have been to jail isn't always the best. Because all of the big guys buddies could get together to deal with you.

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    It will be interesting if Israel bombs Iran nuclear power plants after Lebanon. Iran certainly is not a weak country. I think it's unfortunate that Lebanon is being bombed, especially after they rebuilt their beautiful country. But its also unfortunate that they allowed Hezbollah to take root their. There should have been an international military force(not the UN) in Lebanon to strengthen their democracy years ago and keep terrorist out.

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    You do realize Hezbollah has been sending shells over to Israel for years they have been told to stop by the UN but basically ignored and have kept doing it. It is not over just the kidnapping. I don't think the reply from Israel was justified either. The whole thing is a waste of innocent lives. I just don't understand killing in the name of any sort of god.

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    Yes. It has nothing to do with how strong Lebanon is. It has everything to do with wiping out Hezbollah and protecting it's citizens. Why blame Israel? The fault lies with Hezbollah and the UN for not enforcing Resolution 1559. Of course, the real fault doesn't comply with your agenda.

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    You are assuming that Israel is attacking Lebanon because they get some sort of sadistic joy out of blowing up the Lebanese terrorist. This is the furthest thing from the truth. Israel is fighting a war because it believes in the cause of protecting itself. Israel is not afraid of any aggressor. Fear certainly did not stop them from destroying many of its Arab enemies in ‘48, ‘56, ‘67, ‘73, and ‘82.

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    Yes, of course they would have.

    Just because 2 nations have nuclear strike capabilities does not make them "used" over just anything. Nuclear devices are "last ditch effort" only. Such as in the war with Japan. America was just sick and tired of losing all of its men and was losing a morale campaign at home, by using a nuclear strike and ending the war early, it was a tremendous victory for America and the World. However, it came at GREAT COST and was not done lightly or easily. And they have NOT been used since.

    Source(s): PS in order for Lebanon to be STRONGER it would have to have more than 500 nuclear weapons.
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    Lebanon has NO nukes! Get real. Where would they have gotten the support to build such a weapon? It is not a rich country. Israel needs to get their ***'s out before the create the next world war. I hope the US does not stand behind their arrogant ***'s.

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    Yes because obviously Israel is a nuclear power and Lebanon is attacking it.

    Besides, despite popular opinion, nuclear weapons are a "paper tiger". They may talk a big game, but are only ever used to scare the enemy. The only way they would ever be used would be in a (Mutually Assured Destruction) M.A.D. situation.

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