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The Canadians who were in Lebenon are coming home and thier stories are of Israeli atocities?

The news says Israel is using chemical weapons the news says that Israel has killed more children than Hezbollah or soldiers the news says Israel refuses a cease fire the news says Israel knew the UN soldiers were there and ignored phone calls asking them to stop The news says that a percision bomb killed them and then killed the resuce workers

Finnally the Canadians coming home form Lebenon are telling us the same thing and worse.

Why is it that the US makes exscuses for Israel and why is that the US citezens are so pro war that they don't see the headlines.

What is going on here ............ Israel isn't looking that good and they don't seem to be able to stand up to any sort of srutiny so WHY is the US supporting them ----still?

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    The US has a war-prone dictator leading it and is filled with people who believe his every word without thinking. Why do they believe him? Because for the most part, religious people are brainwashed into believing whatever they are told (e.g., the bible) so when their "God's Candidate" leader says we must attack, they all line up and say "Let's go!"

    It's sad, isn't it.

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    I watch CNN,Fox News and Msnbc and read 2 newspapers daily and have seen or heard nothing about Israel using chemical weapons,you are either mistaken or making that up.Hezbollah is an Islamic fascist terrorist group,per U.N. resolution 1559 they are not allowed to posess weapons and have their militia. THEY attacked Israel, killing 8 soldiers and kidnapping 2 soldiers. In the last 2 weeks have fired over 1,500 rockets into Israel. Israel drops leaflets before bombing a village,telling people to leave the area, they also have automatted dialers calling homes in that area with a message "to leave".You cannot name a war in history where some innocent lives were not lost. But it seems Israel is doing everything it can to avoid killing civilians. Whereas Hezbollah targets civilians for death. Read some history of warfare. Hopefully you'll never have to experience what it's like to have to fight for your survival, to have to stay focused and concentrate for many hours which seem like days,under terrible conditions knowing if you relax for a moment, it could be your last. Israel lives with this daily as all of their "neighbors" would like to see that entire country exterminated. Again,Hezbollah attacked Israel. The Lebonese government was to have disarmed Hezbollah's militia,instead they let them run the southern part of Lebanon and not only keep their weapons but acquire more weapons.Israel is defending itself and has every right to do so.

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    I'm not pro war, but I'm not blind either. What you failed to mention was that the Hezbollah was firing rockets from these innocent peoples homes, from Ambulances etc...etc....the people in Israel on the receiving side of the rockets that are coming in have their own stories too. There is always two sides to a story.

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    That's funny. The Canadians who were in Israel are coming home and telling stories of Hezbollah atrocities!

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    Unfortunately US government supports Israel, and the puppet government and the US supplies Israel with weapons, and at the same time US accuses Iran and Syria complicity in terrorism theory....Outrageous....people are blind you know, until they are not affected by these tragedies they can't imagine this and they can be manipulated by the US media which misinform them

    I will bring your attention to the following article, please take a look at it.

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    They are not excuses they are facts. The Canadians are very left wing. There are many Arabs in Canada. They are trained to accuse the West of atrocities, it is all part of their known playbook. They get willing dupes and useful idiots in the West to aid them in their game. But before you laugh to hard or get too much enjoyment out of that remember

    Liberals will be the first throats they cut if they succeed.

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    Family of Canadian UN observer killed during Israeli attack on UN building (fired on 21 times by accident) probably got something to say about Israeli atrocities. My source of information on this attack is The Guardian, not any "terrorist propaganda"....

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    The US supports them because they are the only legitimate democracy in the middle east and they fight terrorism. Last time I checked Harper was with Israel as well.

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    remember that the US just sold 4 billion dollars in weapons to israel. Its in their financial interest to have Israel blast civilians to bits. The US hs never given a damn about civilian deaths, they're just blood-soaked monsters, raking in the bucks for selling WMDs

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