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Did Clark Kent ever tell Lois Lane who he really was.Or did she find out?

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    In Superman II, her tells her but erases her memory in the end.

    In the Lois & Clark tv series, they got married. (She knew)

    In the comic book series they got married a long time ago but it was corrected in as dream. In subsequent comics it comes and goes. She and Clark were again a super couple in the 90's and I think they got married (again).

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    It depends whether you're talking about:

    Superman the movie (original series)

    Superman the comic book

    Superman the original cartoon

    Lois & Clark - the new adventures of Superman


    Supersuperman - son of superman

    Superman vs Predator

    Superman vs Teletubbies "The iniquity of Po"

    Smallville 2 the return - revenge of Smallville


    The list goes on...

    So you'll have to be more specific. For example: In Superman vs. Teletubbies, Po finds out and tells Lois.

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    n superman II Lois guessed and clark said yes

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    as far as i know she never found out but i have not read the comic for over 30 yrs.

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    In the comics he fessed up and they actually got married.

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    She found out when his glasses fell in the fire and his hand wasn't burnt when he took them out of it. Actually, in that moment he took them off again and told her

  • yeah and he took her to the ice cave and all that...but i think he did some mind thing on her afterwards to make her forget(jeez did i really just answer this lame nerdy geek question!!!)LOL

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    It depends on which superman you are referring to. In one version she figured it out and in another version he told her!!

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    she keeps finding out. getting wiped and finding out again. If i had that power, i'd shag this ugly girl in work every night and wipe her memory so no one found out!!

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    Yes -- remember, he took her to the ice cave.

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