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Fish dying?

I bought fish and didn't let the tank water sit there for the chlorine to evaporate (Dont ask me why). 1 of my fish died yesterday, what do i do? No stupid answers plz. Thx in advance


would shining light to the water tank help?

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    If only one of your fish have dies than it is NOT chlorine.

    Chlorine would have killed all of the fish within a half hour of them being placed in the tank.

    If only one fish dies, it means it probably died from the stress of being moved. You can try taking it back and getting a replacement, but not all stores do this.

    In the future, alsways let the water sit for 4 days or use a chemical declirinator (only takes a few minutes).

    Also, a rule of thumb - expect to lose 10% (1out of 10) fish to stress when you purchase them.

    Remember, its the equivalent of someonetaking a person, putting them in a small crate, with limited air, and dropping them in a completely different environment. It's very stressful to the fish.

    Losing one fish isnt that bad, depending on how many you got.

    Good luck in the future!

    Source(s): assistant manager at a tropical fish/pet store for 5 years
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    Some fish are more resistant to toxins and other maladies than others which may be a reason why only one died.

    If your water source has chloramines, letting it 'air out' won't help. Chloramine is ammonia x chlorine and is used in some municipal areas because it's able to remain in the water for a much longer time than chlorine. Always treat water with a dechlorinater capable of removing chlorine and chloramines.

    If your tank hasn't been cycled (i.e., recently set up from scratch with all new filter media) more deaths are probably on the way (with the cause being ammonia and nitrite poisoning).

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    You should eat Dukey.Naw i am just kidding get them out of the tank,but first go by some bottled water.Put them in whatever and clean the tank again and put the bottled water in the tank or if you have a frigedare:refrigerator you that water.Also you can boil the chlorinated water to help evaporate the chlorine.

  • Don't just let the chlorine evaporate, you've got to add chemicals to the water to chelate the chlorine ions.

    I use Amquel Plus, it's great stuff. Add 1 teaspoon for every 10 gallons. I also add Easybalance with Nitraban (from Tetra.) Top it off with a dash of "Cycle" bacteria stock, a couple of drops of Algae Killer, and you're in business. Monitor ammonia levels with an indicator you hang inside your tank, get an intank thermometer, air pump, water filter, ok, I think that's it. Good luck

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    You have to let the water sit out so the chlorine evaporates! Also, make sure you are feeding them proper food and enough food, but not too much. You might also want to get a filter if you don't have one.

    Good luck with your other fish!

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    May be too late for your fish .... but go buy some dechlorinator drops at your local WalMart or pet store ... only about $3

    Then add the proper amount of drops (read the back ...) to your tank.

    We have a 1, 5 and 10 gallon tanks and our bottle of dechlorinator has lasted a year ...

    Source(s): Personal experience
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    4 gallon of water in keeping with inch of fish is the guideline for installation a tank this permits area for them to discover there own territory and room to strengthen additionally en ought oxygen as they ex hail carbon witch continues to be interior the water for alongside time even have an decrease than gravel filter out this makes friendly bacteria to digest waste you should start up with a twenty gallon tank in case you choose to maintain fish don't be fobbed off with cheep novelty tanks you will have a heater this keeps the water consistent tropicals like 80 to 80 3 levels & gold fish dont ideas

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    You should take the fish back to where you got it from. They should give you another fish. I have had fish die for the same reason. Except this time let the tank sit.

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    most fish die quickly, i have had many, many fish and none of them have lasted more then two weeks, yea. umm, maybe you should have let the chorine evaporate or put some chelicals in the water. in pets stores there are a lot of things that you can put in to let your fish have a longer life

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    depending on where u got it, take it back to the pet store. some will give u another one for free. Take in a water sample because some places require it. plus they can test your water for ph, amonia, and other levels.

    Source(s): personal expierience
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