What is a good colour to paint a large basement apartment room with one small window? semi-gloss?

I'm thinking taupe because it matches with so much. Should I go with semi-gloss? I know nothing about painting a room.

I'm also getting new carpeting to match. What would be a good colour combination?


I live in toronto! LOL. its a little far away. I'm very poor, considering these renovations are happening because the basement partially flooded and the carpet got flooded due to the heating tank breaking. I'm sitting here in the middle of the room and the computer and all the wires are on a table. The carpet is soaking wet.

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    It is important that the color in the different rooms around the house come together logically. Analyze each of the tones; determine which colors, and in what proportions, they complement each other to give the final result.

    Here are ten household helpful hints for choosing room colors:

    1 Brighten up the darker spaces by painting the walls in pale colors.

    2 If you paint a high ceiling a dark color, will make it look lower.

    3 A light blue or a gray make a small room seem wider.

    4 Use the wall colors to mark off areas according to actives.

    5 Red and reddish tones are bold, exciting colors which stimulate movement. They are especially suitable for work areas.

    6 Yellows are warm, bright colors, ideal for dark spaces to make us feel cozy.

    7 Green is essentially linked to life; it reminds us of nature and is perfect for interiors we want to connect with outside.

    8 Blues are fresh, harmonious, and easy to combine. They remind us of vast extensions of sea and sky.

    9 To make a room more radiant, you can paint the walls in light colors and introduce dashes of color through the furniture, complements, and ornaments.

    10 Neutral colors like beiges and browns combine well with other tones and give the room a natural feel.

    Color is clearly the most visible linking factor between separate rooms and is ideal for giving consistency to the decoration scheme of a whole house.

    Source(s): About The Author: Roger King has been involved in home interior painting for several years, and has been helping people find and review the best value for interior painting solutions. Visit his Web site http://www.decorativeinteriorpainting.com/ to learn more about this service.
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    Maybe somethiing light and bright like a sage green or light lavendar - something to lighten it up and add some color - brighter. Taupe may be too dull. I would also stay away from gray. Semi gloss is best for kitchens and bathrooms cause it is easier to clean.

    I think a sage carpet and lighter sage green walls is great - it is really nice - and then you could paint a few focal walls with a textured finish or lighter color - like taupe or even a nice rose color - sage green and a certain rose combo is really nice. Reds and tans are nice!! - So you may want to get a tan carpet and then paint the walls a tan and then make the focal walls a nice red - not lipstick red but like a brick darker red - that is an amazing look - really. I would do that - maybe I will next.

    I would recommend a flat finish for the rest of the house. Raplh Lauren (sold at home depot) and some other brands sell paints that have textures to them - looks like suede or river rock and I absolutely love them and they are not that hard to do if you get people to help. I would not go with semi-gloss.

    Also, to create some depth, try to paint one wall - the main focal point a different shade that matches the rest of the apartment. Or opposite walls different complimentary colors - this is a newer painting technique that is great - it adds color, depth and makes the rooms look bigger. We have cream walls and the one wall that has the TV and cool wall hangings from Pier One we have the suede finish paint from Ralph Lauren in a rusty brown - it looks great. Maybe a rust yellow dark gold rug with the right yellow gold paint - I swear it is not ugly but it has to be just the right one.

    If you want a mediterranean look, try a rusty yellow - gold. I know you think that would look horrible and so did I but my bf's mom did it and it looks amazing. It brightens the room but looks mature and sophisticated. Just don't go too gold. These stores sell samples paints in small jars - buy a few and actually put them on the wall. Paints can look so different from the swatches when they are on the wall. The only way you will know what is right is to pick some you like, buy the small cheap samples and see how they look in the lighting - may be too dark, light, etc. That should help. Hope it did~ have fun and check out Pier One and Bombay Company for unique wall decor, mirrors and candle sconces. They are the best!! That is why the red and tan would be great cause wooden wall hangings and iron sconces look awesome - I love decorating. =) have fun and good luck in ur new place!

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    Flat paint is easy to rub off and mark up. You don't want that if activities will be happening down there or if there are any kids around. A satin finish is just fine. High gloss or semi-gloss for the trim and doors is best, in a white color. The cieling should be in flat paint of white, too.

    The walls should be a warm tone, like sand, butter yellow, or a rosey color. Nothing too dark is good for the basement. Don't use a cool color (blue, green, black, gray, silver, some purples), it'll make it seem darker, colder.

    It's easy to match carpet to the neutral colors I listed above, except rosie colors. I suggest a thicker type of carpet with thick padding underneath and in a speckled beige-ish color. It's pretty popular right now and cheaper but nice.

    Have fun!!

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    Popular Basement Wall Colors

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    If the walls are at all flawed, go with a flat paint, it will help hide imperfections. Due to just having one small window, if the paint is glossier, it will help to reflect some light, and make the space seem brighter. Light colours would go really well - I would probably go with a yellow, and get blue carpet (or even better, get ceramic tile - it is easy to care for, and you can get light colours which will also reflect the light). I have my living room painted in taupe, and it's not as bright as I thought it would be.

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    Natural Calico, use vinyl matt or vinyl silk. Paint the ceiling vinyl silk brilliant white. Skirting, doors and architrave high gloss white. This will give the illusion of space and light as much as possible. You could use a oatmeal colour or similar for the carpet. You might benefit from spending some time filling imperfections in the walls as these may show up more in a room with light only coming from one window

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    it depends....how dark is the place?

    if you have $$ you should hire someone to do it for you.

    my dad paints places, if only you lives in San Francisco! haha

    well anyways, you can always call a painter and ask, like look in the yellow pages and find some places and just call and ask, they know better and it's not wrong, my dad gets calls like this all the times!

    I would ask, but its 1 am here! and he's sleeping.

    good luck.

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    Go with somthing fairly light to keep the space open. I'd go with the satin finish sort of paint, and since it only has one small window go with a warmer color, taupe is really... bland and grey-ish... ten again it is your choice.

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    With only one small window, you need to go with light colors to keep it as bright as possible. And being a basement apartment, I would go with a semi latex. And have a de-humidifier on hands.

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    Pastels are best, pale yellow best for your mood. Keep your pots and pans, bedding and dishes etc colorful, even food containers and calendars,coffee maker, microwave and shelves should add color to the room.

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