In a job interview, how can I convince the interviewer panel to hire me for the position?

In several days I have a job interview and so far I have had alot of interviews for permanent positions but no one hires me. How can I turn this around and make them decide to hire me? p.s. I am in my 40's, have worked but only part time now during the school year, earned an AA, AS, and BA degree, have transportation, and no kids to interfere with working. Some ideas, tactics, and help from you would be appreciated.

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    I suggest that prior to entering an interview you consider interviewing someone who has a good deal of information about the particular position. In that way, you can walk into the interview with a good foundational understanding of the position. In addition, this type of prior knowledge will help you anticipate the questions that will be asked during the interview, and help you prepare for the interview. During the last 3-4 interviews that I have had, I have successfully anticipated approximately 80% of the interview questions. If you know what is going to be asked, it's easier to prepare. Furthermore, I always advise people to prepare a 1 ½ to 2 minute final statement that addresses specific attributes that you will bring to the job (excellent work ethic, team player, a person who truly enjoys working with kids, what others have said about your job performance, your passion to learn new things, your enjoyment of a challenge, etc.). This final statement is important, because it is your last impression to the panel.

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    Make sure you know all your strengths. With weaknesses, be able to turn them around into strengths (ie I'm not good at managing people, but I'm planning to take some classes...). Also, be able to tell the panel why you want the job, why at this particular company, and how the company can benefit from you.

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    I think you should research the company well so that you know what their corporate culture is. Then , you got to show qualities in you which would fit with their culture.You need to show confidence in yourself, and shoud be aware of your strengths and weaknesses which you can turn into a positive asset for the organisation.But extensive company research is extremely important.

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    Ask questions that will blow their minds. Heartfelt questions that cut to the bone. Research the snot out of their company, find holes, find things that you just dont understand. And ask. What have you got to lose? They might just think, "holy crap, this guy has some chutzpa. He's not afraid to ask. Hire HIM NOW. I want a guy with balls. When can you start Mr. Kick A$$ and take names?"

    Good luck can do it.

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    answer the questions honestly and to the best of your ability. look the interviewer in the eyes.try not to hem haw around and speak in a strong voice. GOOD LUCK

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    b positive b urself n never try 2 b nervous. always try 2 b optimistic. never feel shy. im sure job is urs,

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    get words form the job descriptiona dns hwo them you have the experience to do it

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    threat them you are gonna kill them hah sorry

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