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X- BOX360 VS Sony PS2 .?

Can you give me pros and cons and your opinion on them. Please.

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    360-Pros: It's out. The graphics are really nice on an hd tv. Elder Scrolls Oblivion, and Dead Rising. Xbox Live, and Live Arcade. Standard Dvd drive, with an optional HD DVD drive soon to come.

    360-Cons: Games are $60 a piece new. Only a few aps for it so far. The power brick is frickin' huge. Overheats if you don't have proper ventilation. A few of the launch titles are buggy and can cause the first wave of systems to freeze up. The "tard pack" that lets you play games, but forces you to spend more on the upgrades to take full advantage of Xbox Live.

    PS3 Pros: None yet...its not out.

    PS3 Cons: Bluray...could be the next betamax. Rumored to have a protection scheme that will prevent playing borrowed, rented, or pre-owned games (Sony feels they're being cheated in that market). It's price tag is insane (face it, the only version worth getting is the $600 version...not the cheaper "Tard Pack"). Nothing concrete as far as an online community (similar to xbox live).

    I just picked up a 360 myself, and I've gotta admit...Microsoft may be the winner this round (depending on how the Wii does for Nintendo). Sony seems content to shoot itself in the foot lately. The PSP may be selling fine, but I dumped mine after a year because of the constant firmware upgrades, and lack of any real "must have" games. Their insistence on constantly running with proprietary formats doesn't help either.

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    When the ps3 comes out i think it is going to give the x-box 360 a run for it's money. The blue ray disk format lets developers put more detail into the games. This is also true for DVDs as it will be crisp clean pictures and graphics. The x-box 360 has a good system and has PlayStation in terms of on line game play. But Sony is stating to go in the on line direction as well. As far as the game line-up i like the ps3, they have some great games coming out like the new mgs and the darkness as well as the new gta game. For price the x-box system is less than the ps3 but you have to buy a bunch of accessories with it so by the time your done it is just as costly, Plus the ps3 cost Sony 1000 bucks to make so paying 599.00 is not so bad. If you want the best your going to have to pay.

  • PS2? thats old but if u mean PS3 then all i can say is that the PS3 is a more expensive version of the 360. xbox has better online play. It will have halo 3. i am gettin a 360 and a wii.

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    have relaxing enjoying an empty console. Me, I base all of it off video games. i like Halo, present day conflict, Ghost Recon, Madden and steel kit good. i will play all yet 2 on the two PS3 or 360. For the different 2, i desire one or the different, so I have been given the two. whilst the Wii has some video games i comprehend i will spend hours enjoying, i gets one. till then, i'm content fabric with 2 consoles as a results of fact they have their own unique video games.

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    xbox 360 is way better than ps2 but way worse than ps3

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    wrong question because its supposed to be xbox 360 vs ps3 cause the ps3 is going to kick *** and take name

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    ps2 is better then the xbox 360

    yes it is

    much better game selection

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