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Why is FM radio frequency only from 88 to 108?

Why not below 88 or above 108?


You all have valid points based on opinion and not fact. Keep trying.

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    All of our radio frequencies are regulated and outlined by the Federal Communications Commission. 88.0 - 107.9 MHz is what is assigned to commercial FM radio. Above this 108.0 - 115.975 MHz is radio navigation for civil and military aircraft, and above that 116.0 - 151.975 MHz is radio communication for air traffic.

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    FM starts from 70 but between 70-88, few stations will used or permits not granted for use.

    Source(s): I own a radio with frequency from 70 onwards.
  • Anonymous
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    Because that is the frequency band that is agreed on by the nations of the world and has been at every meeding of the ARC since the 1930's.

  • Mlsig
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    It depends on where you live. Were I live, which is on Maryland near DC, it doesn't go lower than 900 and higher than 1200.

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