Can someone have tri-citizenship with Canada, The United States of America & Nicaragua?

Hello I'm trying to find out if it legal to have tri-citizenship. Being only 16, right now is prime to get my legal document done now then when I'm older. Both of my patents were born in Nicaragua (that’s in Central America). My mother though became an American citizen before I was born. I'm only a Canadian citizen right now, because I was born in Canada, but I want to become a Nicaraguan & American citizen through my parents. When I was reading my mother American passport it said that someone can loss there American citizenship by getting naturalized by a foreign nation and things of that nature. So I came to the understanding that if I get my American citizenship first then my Nicaraguan citizenship I run the risk of losing my American citizenship. What I'm wondering, is if I get my Nicaraguan citizenship first then my American citizenship after will it be all legal and acceptable by the all of these countries and not lose any of them?

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    There are two types of citizenship: Natural-Born and Naturalized. A Natural-Born Citizen is someone who, by virtue of the circumstances of his or her birth, is automatically a citizen of some government.

    A Naturalized Citizen is someone who undertakes a process to become a citizen of another government.

    If your mother was a U.S. citizen before you were born, then you are a Natural-Born Citizen of the United States. This is true regardless of where you were born, or what other nationalities you might hold. You don't have to do anything to become a U.S. citizen; you ARE a U.S. citizen.

    If you are also a Natural-Born Citizen of Canada, then you already hold dual citizenship. Among other things, this might mean that both countries require you to pay taxes, and both countries might try to draft you into their militaries in time of war. it is possible that Nicaragua might already recognize you as a citizen due to your parents' Nicaraguan heritage, in which case you already hold tri-citizenship.

    However, as you noted, if you try to become a Naturalized Citizen of yet another country, then the previous countries where you hold citizenship can revoke it. Generally, you are expected to be a loyal citizen to only one government, and when you swear allegiance to another government (that is, after all, what citizenship means), it logically means that you are renouncing your prior allegiance. Thus, it is your action that deprives you of the prior citizenship.

    Here is the beginning of the U.S. Oath of Citizenship:

    "I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen."

    As you see, gaining this naturalized citizenship means losing all prior citizenships.

    So you probably only want to see if you have Natural Born Citizenship in all three countries (which perhaps you have). That way, you don't have to give any oaths or give up any other allegiances. But if you naturalize anywhere, you can expect to be required to give up your other citizenships.

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    At 16 you sound as mixed up and confused as most of them are, but the simple answer is citizenship is not like a charm bracelet, and regarding the US citizenship, you either are or you aren't, there are no in betweens, kind of, or partly.

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    Do you really want to pay taxes to three countries, If Irland isn't one of them

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    i belive so but i think its just duel citizen ship

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    good job SCOTTK

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    I have no idea!

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