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why does my altanator belt squeal still it is a new belt and a new alt?

for now can i put grees on the belt or will it get to hot and break

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    Do not put grease on the belt. It will cause further slipping, increasing heat and damaging the belt. Tighten the alternator more. If that doesn't help, buy some STP belt dressing. You might also have the wrong size belt.

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    the belt is not tight enough just tighten it up you may have stretched the belt if it has done this very long do not spray anything on the belt belt dressing will ger sticky and could ruin the alt. WD-40 will cause the belt to fly off because of being to slick tighten it up and use a bar of soap to coat the side of the belt that rides on the pulleys and the noise will stop ivory soap is the best to use but any brand will work

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    Sometimes a belt squel is mistaken for a bearing in the alternator. Use w40 and carefully spray either side of the alternator between the vents. Start the car and see if that helps. If the squel is still there, readjust the tension on the belt to ensure that you have no more than 1" travel on the longest stretch of the belt when you move it side to side, if you do, use a pry bar with a handle to tighten the belt.

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    Because it is not tensioned right. Also possible is a bent or misalighed pully preventing the belt from staying straight. Look for either a tenion adjustment on the alternator itself or a tensioning pulley.

    Be very careful about what to add to the belt! The wrong thing can (1) degrade the rubber of the belt (2) remove all friction making it so easy for belt to pop off

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    you probably need to put some wd40 on it for now . sounds as tho you may have the wrong size belt on or you may need to adjust the bracket that holds the belt to the alternator . this is a do it your self project and with a nine sixteen wrench you can do it your self however if you are not machenically inclined find a good one to have it done right. if you are strapped for cash look around for a trade school they allways need cars to work on and not to worry the instructors are there to guide the students .

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    the belt tension is probably not correct. also, if you have greased or spray the belt with anything before you put the new belt on, there is still residue that needs to be cleaned off of all the pulleys. check for rust or corrosion on all pulleys - clean them up with sandpaper or steel wool if needed.

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    it could be to tight or to loose dont put grease on it use a light penetrating oil like WD-40 or something sometimes you can also use belt dressing to make it stop squealing

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    Might not be the belt squealing, it might be one of the bearings in one of the pulleys the belt goes around. When you changed it, did you check ALL the pulleys and accessories that turn with the belt to make sure they all turned smoothly?

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    No grease!! Could be a bad or wrong alternator pulley or the belt is too loose.

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    You have a bearing going out somewhere? Not much can done other than fixing the problem. Putting stuff on the beat doesn't help much if a part is bad.

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