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How many are Addicted to brit comns or brit tv ?

Myself I am addicted to brit coms - ie are you being served ? keeping up appearances and love CORONATION STREET ...just wanted to know how many of you watch it as well. FOr those who don't answering this would be mindless as I did not ask if you like it or not I just wanted the ones who are to answer and with the name of the series .


not a fan of rap ! But I would say it still counts as it is still part of british entertainment

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    Doctor Who

    The 2005 season of Doctor Who with Billie Piper and Christopher Eccleston took me completely by suprise...perfect match...perfect chemistry...the stories suprised me...especially with Rose meeting her father in the past. The last episode where the doctor fights the Daleks and is mortally injured and Rose's transformation took me completely by suprise...and then the Wolf made complete sense.

    they were a terrific couple...chemistry like John Steed and Emma Peel from the Avengers...great stories...and I was saddened when Eccleston left....and stopped watxching for awhile...

    In the second series it was a shock seeing one of the Doctor's old companions...(don't want to spoil it for those who have not watched...) and I am slowly getting used to the new Doctor. Good stuff anyway.

    Red Cap

    A team of Military investigators whose territory is british soldiers stationed overseas...but especially in Germany with the rare show in england.

    Excellent show with Tamzin Outhwaite as specialist Jo McDonough shines bright,...good stuff with a very nice opening theme song and sequence...

    The Avengers and Benny Hill I can watch till the cows comehome...classic tv...no explanation needed here...


    Set in a remote British boarding school, Hex is the story of Cassandra "Cassie" Hughes (Christina Cole), a shy social outcast along with best friend Thelma...discovers she has unique powers that provide a terrifying link to the past.

    Cassie is alright but Thelma...

    Thelma is the bomb...bright, refreshing and delightfully cheeky...Jemima Rooper nails the part of Cassie's lesbian roomate and best friend...and from the beginning...she made the show worth watching. I liked ther premise...and fromthe first show...I made it my buisness to obtain the entire series...

    Anything Ms. Rooper does from now on...I will be keeping a sharp eye out for. First six episodes were perfect...season two lost someof its steam.

    Prime Suspect

    Helen Mirren is singularly superb as tough-talking Detective Chief Inspector Jane Tennison. Crime drama its best. 'Nuff said.

    Wire in the Blood is probably the series that took my breath away...and left me speechless.

    Beautiful writing...believable sharp and crisp dialogue...the acting is spot on...and the electricity between Dr. Tony Hill (Robson Green) and the ambitious and driven Detective Inspector Carol Jordan (Hermione Norris of Cold Feet) crackles...sizzles...and pops as together they track down the most vicious serial killers in the north of England.

    Red hot and smoking. And one of my all time favorite series from the brits...

    I have just two more recommendations...the british sci fi miniseries OKTOBER...and Ultraviolet.


    An accidental discovery of a drug for the mass unconscious and a naive schoolteacher's ardor lead to personal and almost global disaster

    one of the best thought provoking and cerebral miniseries

    in science fiction today...beautifully filmes...and beautifully acted.

    Stephen Tompkinson gives a devastating performance...reminding methat he isnot just a comedic actor...but an actor with suprisingdepth and range...


    An updating of the 'vampires are amongst us' tale...

    a young police officer saddened about his best buddy getting married to a woman he secretly loves...finds information on the eve of their wedding that will shatter his belief in everything...and turn his whole world upside down...forever.

    Keep your eyes peeled for OKTOBER or Ultraviolet coming to BBC America. Both are excellent...but can also be found at Netflix. The bloody best in british science fiction.


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    I am. I love watching the older comedies; not much of a fan of the newer comedies though. I never used to watch "Coronation Street" growing up as I thought it was for older people, but now I enjoy it. Shame Canada's nine months behind though. Can't wait until I can see the second series of "Doctor Who" starts next month!

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    I like Grime, British rap, does that count?

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