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Anyone had 'inflamatio' under your eye lids?? ...?

I did, got some drops from the doctor, got better...started wearing my contacts again and now I can feel it coming back. Does anyone know a home remedy or something. I know I should go back to the doc....but thought i would see if anyone has info. Thanks!

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    You probably have contact lens related PC or papilliary conjunctivitis . It is an inflammation of the upper lid conjuctiva due to reaction to bacterial and other toxic build up on the outside surface of your CL's. You can do the following;

    1. Get a soft lens daily cleaner such as Miraflow. Use it every day to clean lenses well.

    2. Reduce your wearing time a lot, swithch to glasses in the evening.

    3. Check to see if your brand of CL's is for extensive daily wear, such as Acuvue Advanced. Acuvue 2 doesn't cut in for wear voer 12 hours/day.

    4. If you have some lid disease such as Blepheritis infection you need some eyedrops from chemist called Blep 10, or from GP called Chlorsig.

    5. Never overwear your lenses beyond their life eg. 2-weeks.

    Source(s): Optometrist OPSM Liechhardt
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    Go back to the doctor...maybe see your eye doctor. You probably have a sty or an infected tear duct. Both could take antibiotics and drops to clear up....and I'm pretty sure they will say NO Contacts until it is for sure gone!

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