Amana refrigerator fan in back of fridge stopped working, help???

fan in back or my sbs fridge stopped working, two black wires, acording to wire diagram one goes to PTC/relay, and the other goes to COMP/overload. i tried putting the fan to the multi meter, and the numbers on the digital read out cycle up and down continuously. what does that mean for my fan, is it likely my fan, or the relay or comp that is boken?


yeah i checked ohlms/ continuity on the fan. that is when i got the crazy reading on the digital read out, the numbers go up and down continuously. thanks, i'll try hard wiring the fan directly to a plug.

Update 2:

i pulled my fan and hard wired it to the outlet, it didn't want to spin, but if i gave it help it would spin, i broke it open and cleaned it out, oiled it, closed it back up. didn't make a differents. same results. i just bought a new one, 80$, anyway, i hard wired that one the same way and it spins nice. think i found my problem, will install tonight. thanks for all the help.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    have you check the ohms between the two fan wires? most common problem are the fans stop working.Make sure you clean all fins and dust from around coils .You should be able to remove fan and carefully apply wall circuit 120 voltage to the fan and see if it works if not take the fan to a repair parts depot and they should be able to conform if it is bad or not.While working with live voltage be careful

  • 1 decade ago

    first of check the elctrical suply of the fan

    2nd thing is check wheter the fan is thermosted auto start funtion is working properly

    3rd one is checked the capasiter of the fan if it is from ac power supply

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