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Can you take a Beta blocker and an Ace inhibitor at the same time?

And is this recommended or widely praticed for people heart patients or people with high blood pressure? It's not a combo I hear of too often.


I was told that after a heart attack, both these drugs should be given. The betablocker to help the heart with oxygen and the Ace Inhibitor to "shape" the heart. So it kind of suprised me that you could take these too drugs together.

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    You sure can, because they work on different mechanisms in your body to lower your BP --- Ace inhibitors work on your kidneys to lower total blood volume and Beta blockers work to increase the efficacy of each heart beat, increasing strove volume and cardiac output. I've seen that combo a lot(I've done clinicals on the cardiac floor)...if your doctor prescribed it for you, then it is a good idea to take them.

    Watch for hypotension with these (especially) in can check you blood pressure before taking it (ask your doc. what parameters to follow). Also change position slowly to allow your pressure to regulate or you could pass out...don't just jump up out of the bed after lying down.

    Hope this helps!

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    Beta Blockers And Ace Inhibitors

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    Ace inhibitors and beta blockers work well together in different ways. Beta blockers slow the heart, decreasing it's requirement for oxygen. This is a good thing. People placed on beta blockers during and after a heart attack live longer, no doubt about it.

    Ace inhibitors work to relax the blood vessels and make it easier for the heart to pump. Ace inhibitors also prevent cardiac remodeling, which can involve either hypertrophy, thickening of the heart wall or dilation, stretching the heart wall. Both hypertrophy and dilation make the heart less efficient which can be bad in the long run.

    However, starting these medicines can have side effects, light headedness on standing, fatigue, sexual dysfunction, electrolyte abnormalities and more. Talk with your doctor to adjust your dose as needed.

    You should also request prescriptions for generic medicines. There are plenty of brand name meds in these classes that cost more than generics, but haven't been proven any better.

    Don't forget to take a baby aspirin each day!

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    Usually, drugs of the same class have similar side effects. So whatever beta blocker you use, you have a chance to have the above side effects. Hair loss is not a common side effect of beta blockers but it is still possible.

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    I personally avoid using beta blockers because of the side effects; so I would not combine them.

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