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What is "High Wine" or "High Wines"?

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    It's a distiller's term. All spirits start out the same a fermented wash derived from sugar either from cane/beet or converted from grain starches like corn, barley, etc.

    The wash is distilled once and produces a distillate of higher alcoholic content. This distillate is referred to as "low wines" One of two things can be done here. The low wines can be redistilled a second time, resulting in "high wines" which can be kept, casked, and aged accordingly. They can also be run through a reflux column (many multiple distillatons in one still) to produce neutral spirit such as everclear or vodka.

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    Ice Wine Wiki

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    I've never heard this term and I'm wondering if you could have misunderstood something that someone said. The closest term I can think of to that (auditorily) would be "Ice Wine" which is described here:

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