I want to know the basic differences between the rules of the Canadian and American football. Please?

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    Basically...and away we go:


    Three downs to make 10 yards (no, we don't use metric in football up here).

    Field is 110 yards long by 65 yards, end zones are 25 yards long and goalposts are on the goal line

    Single point given for missed field goals or punts that are not returned out of the end zone.

    Overtime is like U.S. college football's where each team is give the ball an equal number of times until one team outscores the other.

    Overall the game is more wide open and faster.


    4 downs to make 10 yards.

    Field is 100 yards by 50 odd feet and the end zones are 10 yards long with the goalposts at the back of the end zone.

    No single points except on the kick after a touchdown called a PAT or extar point (same in CFL on that too).

    Overtime--first team to score wins. Sudden-death OT.

    Get someone else to explain the rules on kickoffs, missed and made FGs as that drives me nuts. I think in the CFL you have the option of getting the ball from the 35-yard line or having the other team kick off after made FGs. I just watch the games. I just get them all mixed up watching NFL vs. CFL.

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  • ratboy
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    The main differences are that the Canadian field is 110 yards long instead of 100, and they get 3 downs to make 10 yards instead of 4. Also the end zone is 20 yards deep instead of 10.

    Also the average salary is about a million dollars less.

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