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English to Hebrew Translation?

I asked this before, but when I clicked to give the best answer, something happened and it gave it to the wrong person, so to be fair to Elizabeth... I'm asking it again!!

Can anyone tell me how to say " Happy New Year" and

"Have a great weekend with your family" in Hebrew.

Serious answers PLEASE, this is VERY important to me.

Thank you!

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    I assume you need this for the Hebrew new years toady:

    Happy New Year - Shana Tova (literally means have a good year, but that's what you say...)

    Happy Holiday - Chag Same'ach

    "Have a great weekend with your family" -

    If you're saying it to a woman: Shei'hi'ye Lach Sof Shavua Tov Im Hamishpacha Shelach"

    If you're saying it to a man: "Shei'hi'ye Lecha Sof Shavua Tov Im Hamishpacha Shelcha"

    just "have a good weekend": Sof Shavua Tov

    You can try and use online translations like the one in the link but they tend to always give the male version and are not very useful if you're talking to a woman or to several people at once.

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    Never mind... Once and again:

    Happy New Year:

    The exact translation is "shanah khadashah tovah", but the traditional greeting is simply "shanah tovah", good year (שנה טובה).

    Have a great weekend with your family:

    (to a men): "sheyihiyeh lecha sofshavu'a nehedar im mishpachtecha" ~pronounced: she-yi-hi-yEh le-chA sof-sha-vU-a ne-he-dAr im mish-pach-te-chA~

    (to a woman): "sheyihiyeh lach sofshavu'a nehedar im mishpachtech" ~pronounced: she-yi-hi-yEh lach sof-sha-vU-a ne-he-dAr im mish-pach-tEch!

    It is written the same: שיהיה לך סופשבוע נהדר עם משפחתך

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    la-sha-na tova is happy new year

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