I live in an apartment complex that has parking assigned but other people park in my space.?

Management say to have the cars that park there towed. The tow company says the apartment manager has to order towing. Any other ideas -creative- that you can think of. I tried signs..they put in trash. I have asked..said no. Help !!

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    i had that problem. what you need to do is have the manager talk to the police and give them permission to ticket or tow any vehicle that is breaking the law on that property. i even have a letter from my landlord that states this fact so if i need to call the cops i have proof.

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    Take a picture showing the car, plate and parking number. Then have it towed. I think management is responsible for the towing. If they do not have it towed maybe deduct $50 from your rent. Keep good records. Also send a written complaint to management.

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    park right behind them, go knock and the door and wake them up at all hours of the night asking them to move their car and if all else fails call the cops if they get violent, wright you landlord a letter, twice, make copies so they you have evidence that will stand up in court , then if she still doesn't do anything about it you can report her to the better business bureau and she will have to let you out of your lease without penalties

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    call up the apartment manager and complain. it doest matter what time of day it is. if you make it clear that you arent going to tolerate bullshit then it will eventually stop.

    What i would do is beat up the car's owner. i am not aware of your strength or fighting skill, so use your judgement in that case

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    parellel park right next to them( double park) while your inside the car...then when they come to move their car, tell them its your spot, and that you pay for the spot. maybe the manager can be there when this happens to make it very clear to them.

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    talk to your landlord he should take care of it! if he wont call the police if you asked them nicely and they wont comply call the cops!!

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